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Played by:Jacob Bollig
Name: Puckermen
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: human
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Occupation: Rangers Lieutenant,Cleric
Known Skills: divine magic, good leader, stealthy
Appearance: green hood of the Rangers
Notable Traits: Very watchful of his surroundings, protective of his men

Bio: My childhood was not that important so let’s just start with when I was 14. Living in new Hope, I had two sisters, Elizabeth and Rose. We lived in a small house near the market with our parents. My two sisters wanted to become healers and help out brave solders of New Hope. Being the older brother, I helped them study the art of healing, I would take them to their teacher three times a week. Since I was already there with them, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to learn too, in case they needed help with it at home. I didn’t choose healing over fighting. I still had a dream of exploring the world and seeing new things. One had to be able to defend themself in the outside world.
When I reached manhood at the age of 16 I set out, saying good bye to my family. The first place I wanted to see was the vast blue oceans that my grandparents came on from the old land. It didn’t live up to the stories I had heard about it: it was just a big salty lake. The vast country side was beautiful but with it came its troubles. I had always thought when I faced my first enemy I would rise up and defeat it, earning a tale to tell to all that would listen. Instead I ended up running away from the three bandits that crossed my path.
The second time I would face real danger would be a year later; it would also be where I met my leader. I had just arrived at a small village and was looking for an inn that would take me in. The trouble was I only had silver for a room or for food. My belly won and I got food and set out down the road again. I was camping alone in the hills at night by a cliff’s edge with a fire as my only company; little did I know it would betray me. Three mordok had me before I knew what was happening. One came in to kill me alone, wanting the kill all to himself. The other two seemed happy to oblige, standing next to the cliff. I didn’t see what was going on around me just the enemy trying to kill me with his bare hands. I noticed a green blur dart from the woods towards the two onlooking Mordok. It collided with one, sending it careening over the cliff’s edge, quickly turning to draw it’s swords, squaring off against the remaining foe.
I struggled as long as I could, all the while sounds of steel and wood colliding told me the blur was still fighting. My strength began to wane, and the mordok pressed the advantage. Just when it seamed he had me, his attention was drawn away: The blur, who I could now see was a man in a green hood, had just dispatched his foe, wiping the dark blood from his blade. The mordok got up and ran at the man, intent on throwing him over the ledge. They struggled until they both fell over the cliff, but when I got to the edge the man was barely hanging on to a root jutting from the cliff face. After I helped him up he wasted no time in siting down in front of the fire looking at me, and with a big hearty grin asked, “So whats for supper?” We hit it off rather well: he told me of the group he was making and how he needed strong men to help in the fight. At the time he had no members and was beginning to lose faith he would ever have the brave men he needed.
He asked me to join him in looking for brave men. “Maybe we can even turn you into one”. So I went with him and we found others to join up and serve under the green hood of the Rangers. I was given the position of Second in Command: though I did not want the responsibilities I thought would come with the job, it turned out fairly well. Currently I was in charge of the men while the Captain campaigned for more recruits. A few more Rangers came, filtering in over time. The leader of the Rangers was out gathering them up and sending them my way. Before long, we almost started to resemble a fighting force to be proud of.

Its strange how lighting a fire on a cold night can change your life so much.

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