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July 266 – News and Rumors

While the southern end of Mardrun enjoyed a rather quiet month with little going on of note, the northern end of the continent was filled with activity and most of it revolving around the Mordok. With Clan Riverhead territory now fully occupied by Mordok forces, many clans have started to stockpile resources, train warriors and units, and seek to guidance from the Daughters on what they should do next. Many are told to prepare, others are told to try and change the tide, others even recommend taking the fight to the Mordok. But one thing is certain, the Ulven in the northern clans are working overtime to prepare for both winter and the oncoming storm they fear, or even desire.

At the market fair, Wargah Grimward, daughter of the Clanleader of Clan Grimward came to seek the reason as to why the honorbound citizens to Clan Nightriver have been disappearing. If her claims are to be believed, this action has continued for some time and Grimward’s efforts to locate them have gone unanswered and unaided. She wasn’t the only representative seen in Nightriver territory or in the colonies. Representatives were seen entering Clan Nightriver lands with grim looks upon their faces, and asking all those they came across for information relating to this issue. There were few who could give answers, and even more who didn’t know that the honor bound Ulven have been missing.

On a related note, it seems that Holmar Bloodmoon has gained a substantial following of supporters from both within Clan Nightriver and those from outside. Holmar was seen welcoming the Grimward representatives into his home, offering them whatever aid he could provide to help them find their missing clan members. Some are saying this was a bold move for Holmar, who is not a Clan Leader, but also see it as taking initiative on an issue that been seemingly pushed aside by Branthur Nightriver since it was brought to his attention.

Word from Clan Ironmound is that of industry and war, for the entire clan is now preparing for what seems to be the end of days. Smithies work around the clock, mines are working in overtime to provide ore, trainers are working tirelessly to train new and old warriors alike. To top all of this, Gustav Ironmound gave a speech to his pack leaders. He asked they work together, fight smart, and seek and spread the word that the clans need to unite now more than ever, or the Mordok will win in whatever sick plan they have schemed for the Ulven people.

Doom and gloom are not the only feelings to be found in the northern side of Mardrun though. Aylin’s Reach had a sudden increase of colonist’s coming from the main colony in New Aldoria. With the sudden burst of citizens, many are wondering what is going on to cause it. Some say the Prince secretly started a campaign to migrate all his citizens to the newly acquired land. Others suggest that maybe New Hope is taxing the citizens of New Aldoria colony too much. Whatever the reason may be, the expansion of Aylin’s Reach settlement seems to be booming with activity and expansion.

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June 266 – News and Rumors

Clan Riverhead has finally fallen to the endless waves of Mordok invaders and the result sends shock waves throughout communities. Many Clans who have been so quiet now start to fear for their livelihoods and wonder “Are we next?” Many clans in the north seem to be sharing these exact same thoughts as they begin to change pace and directions almost all at once due to the fall of Clan Riverhead.

Clan Stormjarl was noted to have increased their labors to shore up and build on their new settlements around Aylin’s Reach. The lands on the Isle of Fire works harder at gathering food and stores for a possible oncoming storm, Clan Stormjarl lands to the south prepare and make plans on how to help their lands in Aylin’s Reach, and Aylin’s Reach lands build with fervor. Many are working longer and harder days, and even nights, to secure themselves for a possible attack from either Clan Squalborn or the new threat in the Great Forest.

Clan Axehound, long time bitter rivals of Clan Whiteoak, have been seen pulling back their forces from raiding. It seems to be part of multiple reasons, such as Clan Nightriver applying political pressure on the small northern clan to lay off attacking, but the largest reason seems to be the fact that Clan Axehound is now the smallest clan on Mardrun. It also is located next to the now largest threat on the continent, The Great Forest, a place now overflowing with Mordok. Pack Leaders from the clan begin to take action to weather the inevitable wave of Mordok, while Daughters of Gaia work diligently to seek guidance from Gaia and the Great Wolf on what to do next for their clan.

Due to the retreat of Clan Axehound forces and the Mordok focusing on claiming Clan Riverhead, Clan Whiteoak gains a momentary reprieve. Many packs hold almost endless funeral pyres across the lands, speckling the landscape with fires for their beloved, their brave, and their fallen. Along with their morning, the clan also works diligently to recover precious resources that were spent in the defense of their lands on two fronts. Labor Caste, Smithing Caste, Hunter Caste members are worked to the bone to try and meet the demands set by their leaders.

While the Mordok ravaged Riverhead lands, there were those who stepped up to accept the incoming refugees. Clan Shattered Spear and Clan Goldenfield were some of the main clans that stepped up in helping these folks find a new foothold in their devastated life, along with sending aid to the Clan in its time of need. While many from Clan Riverhead are thankful their host’s hospitality and attention to helping their people find a new life, however it is rare that they show it. Due to their lives in almost near isolation, Clan Riverhead refugees seem to be clumping together and are socially awkward in their new homes, often forming small camps and villages near areas of water a little bit away from their hosts settlements.

As the invasion comes to an end, Mordok activity seems to take a brief pause from the usual aggressive stance. They seem to be keen on defending the lands they have gained, yet do not pursue invaders and attackers unless necessary. While many are thankful for this brief moment, many are wondering what they are doing in the areas Mordok have claimed as their own.

The colonies have been somewhat uneventful this month, mostly focusing on recovering costs and refilling their coffers from the Great Works, which is needed in order to continue. During this time, many in the Council of Ten spend their now available free time chasing their own ambitions once more. However, the destruction of an entire clan has some nobility worried that the Mordok threat could be a real one, while many others feel that this will fade with the coming of winter as per the usual. What is for sure, is that the colonies of New Hope seem to feel that the events that have transpired in the northern areas of the continent seem to be far off and remote.

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Mardrun News & Rumors

Want to know what is going on in the game world? Want to know what other groups, Clans, colonies and allies are doing? This is the place!

Here you will find rumors, tavern talk, news and current events happening all around Mardrun.


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May 266 – News and Rumors

In a joint effort between Clans Shattered Spear and Grimward, a handful of small outposts and watchtowers are constructed to the north along the edge of the Dirge Swamp. Fighting for every inch of land, these footholds are seen by many as far more than defensive structures: they are a symbol of Ulven strength and resilience when clans can band together. Even so, the outposts will prove to be a major boon to defensive efforts to the north, and instrumental in cutting off Mordok reinforcements to the south if they are properly manned.

These outposts will do nothing for Clan Riverhead, however. After months of fighting a losing battle, their lines have finally broken. Calling for a full retreat from their territory, the Clanleader and High Priestess have been searching for allies to offer them refuge until they can retake their lands. They expect many of their warriors to fall while protecting their civilians, but believe that this option will cause the fewest deaths and allow Clan Riverhead to live on in more than stories.

Clan Grimward has been creating a political commotion recently, fueled by the continued disappearances of their honor bound citizens from Nightriver territory. While Clan Nightriver claims to be looking into the matter, Clan Grimward remains unconvinced and is bringing the issue forward to force Nightriver’s hand. In an effort led by Wargah Grimward, a small warpack has been travelling from settlement to settlement across Mardrun, drumming up support for their investigation. Despite the pushback from Clan Nightriver and many of their allies, two members of the Council of Ten have come forth to offer what resources they can: Lictor Mary cul Tricuspis and Duke Joakim Ventrini.

This charge of incompetence has continued to stir the pot of unrest in Clan Nightriver, adding fuel to the ever-growing fire that is Holmar Bloodmoon and his supporters. Initially upset my Branthur’s handling of the treaty with Clan Grimward, they gained a massive surge of support when the Clanleader sold off a large portion of their territory to the colonists. Now it seems they have found yet another foothold from which to erode at Branthur’s authority. They still cling to their message as they spread their beliefs: Branthur was a great leader, but his time has come and gone. He is an honorable man, but is no longer suited to lead the clan.

On a brighter note, the celebration in Aylin’s Reach seemed to only strengthen the bond between the New Aldorians and Clan Stormjarl. Though raiders from Clan Squallborn kept the revelers on their toes and nature itself seemed to rebel against the celebration, the mood could not be dampened as the sound of games and tournaments split the air from dawn until dusk. Reports did filter through a number of settlements of strange dreams and anomalies with the mana stream early in the month, they stopped suddenly one Saturday night late in the month. Rumors have flown about the true nature of these reports, though very little information has trickled down to the rank and file of New Aldoria thus far.

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April 266 – News and Rumors

Mordok pressure on Clan Riverhead has begun to reach a breaking point. Already the creatures have pressed through and nearly separated the clan’s territory in half. Allies from across Mardrun have sent troops to push back the Mordok, but they are at best only slowing the assault. Calls from Clan Ironmound have echoed across the continent, desperately calling for unity in the face of these unprecedented attacks. To the south, however, old wounds fester and sting as Clans Whiteoak and Axhound continue their attacks on each other, neither willing to commit troops to the Mordok if the other does not do so first. Other clans, inspired by Clan Grimward, are focusing the bulk of their efforts inward, reinforcing their own defenses before reaching out to their allies with too great a commitment. Whatever their motivations, Clan Riverhead will be hard pressed to survive this attack without more aid in the very near future.

Further to the south, a great commotion erupted around the settlement of Daven’s Reach. Now once again in Newhope lands, the City-state declared an effort to retake the town by any means necessary, and called for allies to share in the glory and spoils of this feat. Led by Baroness Katherine herself, the troops of Newhope marched side-by-side with their allies against the keep. In a show of great mercy, these forces scraped together a sizable sum of silver to repay the honest workers who had lived in the Reach for the improvements they had made and they agreed to stand aside and let the attackers clean out the less repentant. Many lives were saved by the gesture, though the battle that commenced was bloody nonetheless. Arrows and rocks fell from the ramparts as the attackers crashed their wooden ram against the gate for what seemed like hours. At long last the gate fell, and shortly thereafter, so did the defenders. Those that could barricaded themselves in buildings throughout the Reach, which would have forced a longer, bloodier conflict if the attackers had pressed. They were soon replaced, however, by the fresh troops who had called Daven’s Reach home, who had stood down before the fighting began. By the rising of the sun, Daven’s Reach was once again in the hands of Baroness Katherine.

Spurred on by the recent deal to part with a large portion of Nightriver territory, the name and cause of Holmar Bloodmoon have both been spoken of in more blunt terms. Some call this a fearful act with the human population growing too large to safely control should their demeanor change. Others mention the leverage over such a large population that is now forfeit, pointing to the City-state’s focus on their Great Work rather than pushing back the Mordok. Most of the population, however, confident in Branthur’s decision, argue that this was the honorable choice: the humans and Syndar have fought beside the Ulven for long enough and shown their tenacity. They have earned this land.

Led by a group of adventurers near the Dirge Swamp, a Newhope official was sent to Shattered Spear territory to oversee the reconstruction of a ruined outpost along the swamp’s border. Foregoing the farmstead with which the corruption-curing reagents could possibly be harvested, the workers decided to build a defensive outpost to help stem the tide of Mordok flowing through to the south. Though the day was eventful, the outpost was eventually completed and the Mordok in the area driven off enough to allow the structure to begin operating in full swing.

Newhope is proud to declare that the first round of improvements to their infrastructure has been completed. The great highway stretching from Starkhaven to Crow’s Landing is now operational, allowing much faster and easier travel along its length. Patrols of guards stationed at small posts keep the road relatively bandit-free. The next task of the Great Work, rumored to be a massive trade network, will be put on hold until the fall, as such a task would drain the coffers of Newhope and raise taxes substantially.

Less proud of their discovery, Clan Nightriver continues to struggle with the disappearance of Grimward honor-bound workers. Three more have been reported this month, two of which were in the last week alone. The patience of Clan Grimward is beginning to wear thin on this matter, and it has been rumored that high-ranking representatives for the clan have spent an inordinate amount of time in Nightriver territory. The task has been delegated to Wargah Grimward, Daughter of the Clanleader. She has put out notices asking for any information that might help solve this atrocity.

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March 266 – News and Rumors

Silver begins to flow through Newhope as merchants and laborers grow excited about the Great Highway. Patrols of Newhope guards have kept the roads relatively safe while hamlets and roadside inns spring up like weeds to tend to the needs of weary travelers. As the project progresses, however, it seems that the nobles who did not endorse it have not given up on their own prospects: Celestial Arragones continues to push for support to return to Faedrun just as Marquess Madeline d’Argent garners resources for another Dirge Swamp expedition.

Most notable is Baroness Catherine, who has been reaching out to various groups, eager to use Newhope’s new authority to reclaim Daven’s Reach from the bandits and thugs who now inhabit it. This has caused no small amount of discourse among the people of Newhope and of Mardrun: Do the current inhabitants of the Reach have the right to be there? They took the land by force but many have made a point to make a legitimate living since that time. Is the zeal shown by the Baroness justified in taking back what is legally her property? The nobility of Newhope is questionable about the precedence set by the Baroness’ actions one way or another: Marching upon subjected lands with military units could paint Newhope as tyrannical to those less concerned with the letter of the law, although allowing the squatters to remain on her property could lead to issues down the road if organized bandit groups were to get the idea that such an act is acceptable. Either way, the Baroness has announced that she will offer silver to any who help her successfully retake her property, with a portion of the spoils of conquest to be divided amongst those who help as well.

Thanks in large part to the combined efforts of Clans Shattered Spear and Goldenfield in addition to the warriors of Pack Longfang, the Riverhead militia were able to hold back the massive Mordok assaults deep into their homes long enough to evacuate most of the clan’s refugees. The tide of the battles began to turn soon after, however, as the Mordok descended again with greater fervor than previously seen and pushed the defenders back. They continue to call for aid from their allies to the south, hoping to stand firm against the Mordok before their homes are destroyed.

Clan Riverhead is not alone in facing increased aggression from the Mordok: Clan Grimward has noted a shocking number of attacks coming from the Great Wolf’s Hackles. The leadership of the clan remains unsure as to how such large numbers of Mordok were able to move so far south undetected, though the true priority now is organizing an effective defense. This means that many of the Grimward warpacks in Shattered Spear territory have been called home to defend their families instead.

Clan Whiteoak saw a small glimmer of hope this month. Though they have been fighting battles on two fronts, the aid sent from various allies and neighbors has allowed them to focus their own resources on pushing back against the Mordok and for the first time in months, they did not lose ground. Though their situation is still dire, it would seem that if current trends continue, Clan Whiteoak will survive to see the summer, though the unpredictable string of attacks on various clans do not leave much room for optimism.

Finally, Clan Shattered Spear has announced that they have had a great deal of luck pushing the Mordok back along their border, though the fight is not over yet. More than ever they are focusing their efforts on fighting the expansion of the swamp, a phenomenon that has been documented over the last several months. They are asking for help in this endeavor, preferably in the form of casters able to research and fight the corruption or warriors to prevent the Mordok from pressing in any further.

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February 266 – News and Rumors

Town Hall meetings are scheduled and filled across Newhope, each drawing representatives from every member of the Council of Ten and other invested parties. It is no secret that they hope to determine the direction of Newhope’s new project, dubbed the city’s “Great Work” to celebrate their purchase of territory from Clan Nightriver. While surely a joyous moment for Newhope, other settlements whose land was purchased as a part of this deal, including New Aldoria, Starkhaven, and Daven’s Reach, are less than thrilled with the arrangement. After a great deal of discussion, debate, and argument, it seems the Lord Baron Richards has been swayed to direct the efforts of the officially dubbed city-state of Newhope towards the expansion and improvement of the infrastructure of the territory. Plans for new farmsteads and mills are drafted and laborers are contracted to work on a great highway stretching from Starkhaven to Crow’s Landing, linking each settlement in between. Small hamlets begin to pop up along this planned road, both to act as rest points for travelers and to capitalize on the economic boon such a route will doubtlessly provide.

As if on cue, merchants travelling through the territory of the new city-state have reported a noticeable increase in banditry. It seems the scoundrels are also eager to hear of the project and have already begun harassing the main roadways. For the time being, guards recommend using extreme caution while travelling between settlements.

Following the announcement, there is a surprising lack of response from Prince Aylin and New Aldoria. Representatives for the Prince attended each of the meetings, and reports from others have been compiled and presented. Though sources close to him revealed that the Prince was livid with these actions, he has made no public declaration of his intentions moving forward. This silence has created a vacuum in which rumors abound: some say the Prince has accepted the ruling and is now a subject of Newhope, some believe he established a deal with Lord Baron Richards to benefit himself, while others claim to have seen him mustering an army. One man has even been drunkenly theorizing that the Prince himself was behind the purchase, working behind the scenes to orchestrate these events. For now, though, there has been nothing to confirm nor refute any of these claims.

Elsewhere in colonist lands, word of Starkhaven’s struggle has spread. Shouldering the burden of nearly two hundred refugees, it has become clear that the fortress is not staffed nor stocked to handle so many sick residents. Worse, whispers of the corruption beginning to spread as the afflicted fall to their curse are heard, though are often discredited by the faithful. Blue and green flags carried beside carts flying red, gold, and black banners were sighted approaching the keep several weeks ago, and merchants from New Aldoria have confirmed that the wagons were carrying food and blankets to comfort the sick and ease the burden of Starkhaven. Unfortunately, reports from inside Starkhaven suggest that these greatly appreciated supplies will still not be enough to sustain the refugees for long. The Order of Arnath continues to put out requests for groups to send more aid, hoping to make progress against the corruption rather than simply holding it at bay.

Clan Whiteoak has announced that they have begun to stabilize their current situation, with a handful of reinforcements from the colonists allowing them to divert more forces northward and to hold the line against the Mordok. Though they have not been winning any decisive battles, hope has begun to work its way back into the hearts of Clan Whiteoak. Another call for aid goes out, hoping to begin to make a push against the Mordok who seem to never tire or dwindle in number even as the Whiteoak stores continue to run low. Clan Ironmound has called a moot among their leadership to determine whether to send aid to Whiteoak or not, and it seems that other groups will soon be following suit.

After watching the events around them unfold and putting out several fires (both literal and metaphorical) in their own territory, Clan Ironmound calls out for Mardrun to send aid north to fight against the Mordok. Though their resources are limited now, Clanleader Gustav has offered to give what help they can in the form of arms, armor, and warriors, but their contributions alone will far from enough to press the Mordok back.

On the other side of the Great Forest, however, the news is far less joyous. Clan Riverhead reports a drastic increase in the number of Mordok raids across their settlements, with Daughters of Gaia disappearing and warriors being captured and returned reeking of corruption. Warleader Brynjar Riverhead reluctantly admits that should Clan Riverhead face the same assault weathered by Clan Whiteoak, they will likely be exterminated quickly. Though the attacks thus far have not been a concentrated effort, the trends of Mordok movement in recent weeks makes the clan nervous about such a possibility, and they hope that they might see the same aid as Clan Whiteoak. Scouts and hunters have reported sightings of large groups of Mordok amassing in the Great Forest, seemingly preparing for a large scale attack on Clan Riverhead. Though some settlements are confident in the strength of their warriors and their walls, others have begun the evacuation process, hoping to get civilians to safety before things take a turn for the worse.

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January 266 – News and Rumors

Following the uproar caused outside the “Plague District” late last year, many of the refugees acted upon their displeasure with Newhope. Frigid and hungry, they made a show of leaving the settlement, seeking refuge within the walls of Starkhaven. As was expected, many of the corrupted who left Newhope did not survive the journey, succumbing to their illnesses, wounds, or the elements before reaching safety. The Keep, though faring better than in years past, has struggled to maintain peace and order with the massive influx of over a hundred new mouths to feed, paired with the ire drawn from those who see it as a slight against Newhope or an avoidable tragedy. Discontented whispers have begun referring to this pilgrimage as the “Path of Agony”, mockingly shortened to “the Path” as a play upon the tenets of Arnath, commonly referred to by the same name.

Diplomats wearing the blue and black of Clan Nightriver have been seen heading northward, approaching the Great Forest, entering Clan Riverhead territory on their way. Those they have interacted with have confirmed that the group is making their way to Clan Axhound, though their purpose there is rumored to be any number of things.

Clan Whiteoak has issued a public declaration, thanking those who have come to their aid. With this assistance, they have managed to reallocate their warriors and prevent the Mordok from taking any more ground. Though they are still struggling to stay alive and their ranks thin every day, a glimmer of hope for the future has emerged. The declaration continues to remind the people of Mardrun that the offer for payment still holds, should any form of aid be sent to help protect the clan, though food and supplies are most desperately needed at this point. There is rumor of a meeting taking place between Clan Ironmound and some allies and the leadership of Clan Whiteoak, but little is known.

Clan Riverhead has mobilized several warpacks to defend their roads, a move which took many other clans who were unaware of their situation by surprise. The few reports which have managed to reach the outside world seem to indicate that Clan Riverhead is seeing a substantial increase in Mordok raids over the last few weeks, with many reports of travelers along once-safe roads emerging beaten, bloody, and corrupted. Worse yet, an entire warpack seems to have disappeared into the Great Forest, and recent attacks have kept the clan from searching them out. The public release of this knowledge proves that the mordok presence in the Great Forest has grown considerably and is much more dangerous than it has been in the past.

Organized banditry reports have increased across Mardrun but mainly in the Clan Nightriver and colonial territories. The “vague territories” of several groups are perfect hiding places and breeding grounds for outlaws and vagabonds. Some of the attacks have become more daring or concentrated and some worry that a crime boss may have begun to orchestrate these attacks. Initially fingers were pointed to Daven’s Reach, but reports say that the settlement has been dealing with rooting out several murders in their settlement along with a calm but persistent struggle for power within. It is hard to speculate at this time who could be involved.

As reports come in regarding the daring expeditions to head into the Dirge Swamp during the winter, one thing is for certain; mordok activity in the swamp remains active despite the cold and smaller expeditions may not be enough to make the final venture to get through to the other side. Nobody knows for sure what this means for the momentum of the Marquess and her campaign to fund or further expeditions but one of the caravans sent into the swamp returned with startling news that is spreading quickly. The swamp, already home to foul corruption magic, has inside its borders some sort of area that is heavily influencing the mana stream. Mages have reported that mana in the area was much harder to recover. The scholars under the employ of Celestial Arragones have had a conference on these findings. Syndar mages have reported that this phenomenon seems consistent with their ongoing study of the Siphoning and its effects on the decline of the mana stream. Brushed off as conspiracy theories of obsessed mages, there may be more to this and rumor has it that anyone with knowledge or notes regarding the Siphoning or similar effects may stand to make a profit for contributing to their research.

Despite the recent debacle involving the exodus of refugees to Starkhaven, all that most people seem to be able to talk about is the upcoming dinner discussing the future of Newhope and their legacy on Mardrun. Rumors abound discussing the possible topics. More than that, however, is the attendance of the meeting: if some loose-lipped aides and thirsty connections are to be believed, at least one of the nobles from the Council of Ten has taken a very personal approach to this matter, potentially to the point of representing themselves, rather than having a lesser noble do the legwork for them. With the exception of Baroness Catherine in recent years, such an act would be nigh unheard of in such an open forum, and would assuredly lend more weight to their cause, but could also put them at very serious risk should negotiations turn sour. Only time will tell how accurate these tales truly are, however.

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“The Mordok are beasts. All we have known is war with them. I will soak these lands with their filthy blood before I meet the Great Wolf. We leave camp at dawn to hunt down a pack of Mordok and will return with their heads.”
-Harlok Longfang, Ulven Warrior’s last spoken words

The Mordok are not a playable race for standard players.

The Mordok are indigenous to Mardrun. They are ancestral enemy of the Ulven, and such are viewed by the Ulven as a bloodthirsty and brutal race. They range from small packs to entire organized communities with martial and spiritual leaders. Very little is known about the Mordok; all attempts at communicating or learning the Mordok culture has ended in blood shed, though The Ulven also see any attempts as a deep taboo. Constantly at war with the Ulven, the Mordok are strong, resilient, and cunning. It is unknown just how large the population of Mordok is on the continent of Mardrun.

The following document is the more common and well known information regarding the Mordok. This document is updated after events if players discover more information about the Mordok culture.

UPDATE: In 2021 the staff of Last Hope took ourselves to task on some of the portrayal of the Mordok. In the older pictures you will see the overwhelming majority of the Mordok portrayed with black skin. This was originally done due to the ease of painting and make up and as a nod to Tolkien inspired Orcs, however as we grow as people we can’t help but reassess choices that seemed innocuous in the past. From September 2021 and on the Mordok will be portrayed as having skin tones ranging from muted purples and blues to greens and reds. TO CLARIFY the Mordok in game did not change. We have retconned their appearance. All players should act as if the Mordok have always been colorful. 

Mordok FAQ

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Mordok FAQ

The following information is based on the collective knowledge of the players. Any descriptions of culture and appearance are written from the point of view of the people of Mardun, primarily the Ulven whom have been at war with the Mordok longer than they can remember. One thing that can be certain is that we are constantly learning more about the mysterious warriors from the swamp.

Some of the following information has been found to be outdated or even incorrect as the people of Mardrun have had continued encounters with the Mordok. Information now known to be false will be left as readable, but struck through. This will be a continuous process. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to staff and ask.

What are their organizations like? (Family, groups, communities, packs, clans etc)

  • Mordok are separated into small packs much like The Ulven. A pack is a group that stays together in a geographical area and work together to hunt, do rituals, co-exist, etc. Packs can exist close to one another, but due to their Alpha society they don’t normally work together or exist in harmony and are often seen challenging each other or fighting amongst themselves. Update: In recent years the Mordok have been known to come together in large groups and almost regimented units.
  • Mordok do show a tendency to hunt or act in pairs. Whether this is a mated pair or two members whose skills and cunning mesh together is unknown.
  • UPDATE: In 268 a before-unknown type of Mordok clad in blues and teals started appearing. These blue-clad Mordok seemed very adept at drawing together large forces of other Mordok. All other Mordok show them great deference, even the Alphas and Shamans. Not much is known about these new Mordok, but they show us that we clearly do not know as much about the Mordok as we thought we did.


Where do the Mordok come from?

  • It was recently learned (Year 270) that The Mordok were at one time a race of people created by The Ancient Syndar who had travelled to Mardrun long, long ago. These Ancient Syndar caused a calamity that, among other things, created the Dirge Swamp and lead to the corruption of their “favored children” who were then warped and turned into The Mordok.

How do they handle ceremonies? (Marriage, funerals, etc)

  • It seems that any “official” ceremonies are conducted by what the Ulven have come to call the shaman of a pack. Pack members will gather around and participate in the ceremonies in varying ways.
  • Mordok do not appear to celebrate or observe any holidays.
  • UPDATE: A lot of the rituals or spells cast by Shamans involve earth, dirt, and plants. A number of rituals also seem to involve cutting, bloodletting or punching.

What kind of leaders do they have and what is their structure and importance?

  • A Mordok pack is usually lead by what the Ulven have named an Alpha. This is the strongest and most powerful Mordok in the group, but it does not necessarily mean it is the largest. Strength, speed, cunning, and brutality all seem equally important.
  • Because their Alpha society keeps the packs apart, strong shamans and cunning Alphas are especially dangerous for their ability to bring groups of Mordok together and build a much larger group of Mordok. Many times this is how raiding parties or strikes on Ulven villages are coordinated.
  • UPDATE: Shamans also seem to be viewed as leaders of each pack, so much so that sometimes a pack’s Alpha seems to follow the Shaman.

What gods do they believe in for religion and what is their spirituality like?

  • The Mordok have a religion they follow but very little is known. A good deal of their religion and magic centers around corruption. Different magical idols discovered around Mardrun created by the Mordok seem to have corrupted the nearby land.
  • UPDATE: There appears to be some sort of motherly figure that the Mordok revere. There have been small idols depicting this entity but it is very vague and very little is known. They range in size and shape but definitely have a feminine and almost serpentine appearance.
  • UPDATE: Several adventurers have discovered these idols and some reports have come out of strange dreams of a tempting female presence.
  • UPDATE: This entity has come to be referred to as The Mother who has offered her gifts to various non-Mordok adventurers, but they always seem to come at some great price

How do they commonly view the other races? The Undead? The Mordok?

  • The Mordok have been seen eating the flesh of those they’ve slain and of Ulven in particular. They often hunt, stalk, toy with, and brutally attack Ulven they encounter.
  • The arrival of the colonists seemed to have puzzled the Mordok for a short. Syndar are especially peculiar to the Mordok and stories exist of Mordok actively avoiding Syndar they encounter. This has diminished over time and the colonists are attacked much the same as the Ulven.
  • To this day, no serious attempt has been made by the Mordok to communicate with, understand, or live alongside the Ulven or colonists.
  • UPDATE: With undead being new to Mardrun, there is very little evidence of how the Mordok regard them. There have been confirmed reports of Mordok viciously attacking the undead they have encountered. Mordok also seem vulnerable to the plague of undeath as several of them were turned into zombies when the lich rampaged across Mardrun.
  • UPDATE: Reports have spread and even a survivor of a Mordok encounter has claimed that a Syndar has been seen with the Mordok, dressed and painted up like one of them. When first denounced as most likely being a prisoner, the eye witness account of the survivor of a gruesome torture ritual confirmed that the Mordok seemed to regard this Syndar as some form of leader.
  • UPDATE: This Syndar has since become known as the Red Eyed Syndar. He acts as an acolyte of The Mother, leads a small band of Mordok, and offers The Mother’s gifts to unsuspecting adventurers. He’s also taken part in various attacks on the people of Mardrun.
    UPDATE: A unique Mordok clad in blue, during the early days of The Shield of Mardrun, walked up to the gates of an outpost and declared to all inside, “YOU Started this war. The MORDOK will finish it.” before leading an assault and eventually retreating into the swamp. Since then more of these blue-clad Mordok have been seen commanding large forces.

How do they handle honor and integrity?

  • The Mordok appear to be very cunning and creative in war. They are survivalists and fighting with an Ulven sense of honor seems alien and unnecessary to them. Using traps, poisons, unfair odds, and openly insulting actions are normal ways of interaction and fighting for the Mordok. Some Mordok have learned how to tug at the Ulven’s code of honor in order to make them even more angry during fights and confrontations.
  • The closest thing to an “honorable fight” is if another race challenged a dominant or Alpha Mordok if the challenge is accepted, the other Mordok will back off and let the fight play out. There have also been recorded examples of Alpha Mordok demanding challenges from the other races.
  • Update: In more recent years it has become more common to see other Mordok extend challenges for duels, but in almost all instances it appears as some sort of a mean-spirited joke. The honor of the duel (from the Ulven perspective) is not as important as humiliating their enemy.

How do they handle grudges and revenge?

  • Mordok seem quite capable of remembering things that have happened to them or their packs and are more than willing and capable of extracting cruel punishment and revenge on the adventuring group or a nearby settlement. The means of death and torture they use on their captives also get more brutal, openly showing a very strong desire for revenge.

How do they handle combat and war?

  • Because of their roving nature and nomadic ways, the Mordok almost always fight in small scale guerilla style raids and skirmishes.
  • Encounters with Mordok usually fall under one of three categories. Quiet long distance stalking, hit and run tactics, or a brutal berserking assault.
  • The Mordok do not seem to “go to war” as other races might. Any sort of large scale raiding parties appear to be merely coincidental, or dissolve quickly once formed.
  • UPDATE: They know when it is suicidal to meet a much larger group head on, so they pick and choose their battles accordingly and use opportunity to their advantage. It is not uncommon for a Mordok raiding party to just completely avoid a group of Ulven warriors if they know the battle would not be favorable.
  • UPDATE: After the people of Mardrun pushed into the Swamp and established a series of Outposts known at the Shield of Mardrun the Mordok seemed to come together in a much more meaningful way. Large scale battles became far more common and entire units of Mordok have been witnessed being led by before-unseen leaders clad in blues and teals.

How do they handle justice and punishment?

  • The Mordok seem to observe some sort of grappling and dominance displays. Whether this is some sort of punishment for a transgression, it is unknown.

How do they handle death?

  • Although the Mordok seem to avoid most suicidal situations and generally try to avoid dying, they do not appear scared of death. They also do not usually appear to feel any grief or pity for slain Mordok, though occasional displays of grief have been seen, but are often short.

How do they handle economy and wealth?

  • Mordok do not take loot like other races do. They may be just as likely to take a torn piece of shirt as they would a gold pendant.
  • Mordok will take armor and weapons from fallen enemies because they are useful.
  • There are no records of any Mordok practicing any kind of barter or currency system.

How do they handle politics (voting, representation, race-scale changes, etc)?

  • The Mordok appear to follow their Alpha and Shaman leaders. There seem to be disagreements but exactly how they are handled is unknown other than using force to bring weaker Mordok in line.

What are some common mannerisms for their race?

  • Mordok are always rough and short with each other. They do not appear to ever act kindly or nice to each other.
  • Mordok often move like a predator, slow and deliberate when hunting, quick when attacking. Their posture often hunched over, close to the ground, and they often bob their heads, looking this way and that.
  • A Mordok often acts with bravado, trying to make it’s self seem mightier
  • Mordok do not seem to use fire as a means to warm themselves or cook food.

Are there any symbols or animals important to this race?

  • Bones are an important symbol and decoration for the Mordok
  • Wolves appear to be important to the Mordok but not in the form of reverence and respect. Mordok will hunt out and brutally kill any and all wolves they find, and it has been witnessed that Shamans may do an odd ritual and even sometimes urinate on the corpse of a wolf.

Is there anything considered taboo or forbidden to this race?

  • Some Mordok have been witnessed to avoid caravans carrying strong spices or potpourris. Whether this actually deters them or is a coincidence is unknown.
  • It appears that it is taboo amongst the Mordok to attempt to communicate with non-Mordok, especially in the trade-tongue. Simple demands are sometimes shouted in the Mordok language accompanied by short gestures (almost always a gesture to leave or a simple demand for a duel), but anything beyond that has been seen to draw the ire of surrounding Mordok. The only known exception is that the Blue-Clad Mordok seem to show a disdain for the trade-tongue, but will speak it if necessary to deliver a message.

Are there any common sayings that are used by this race?

  • There is a gutteral language that the Mordok use to communicate. So far nobody has learned or understood more than a scant few of its words.
  • UPDATE: Several idols recovered from the Mordok seem to have some sort of strange writing or dialect. It is very hard to follow or decipher but some patterns could be understood if enough Idols were recovered.

What is a common appearance (eyes, skin, ears, fangs, etc) for them? Is there an uncommon or taboo appearance for them?

  • Mordok tend to appear in a variety of colors ranging from blues, reds, purples, and greens though always muted or tinged with ash/charcoal notes.
  • Mordok tend to display long ears and tusks or fangs. These traits can vary considerably among the Mordok. Their eyes tend to range wildly in colors.

What overall theme/style do they tend to have? (Clothing, look, etc)

  • Mordok almost always wear dark brown and black base layers of basic tattered clothing. They adorn themselves with strips of cloth and pieces of hide and rope in layers and wrappings. Everything about their clothing seems to be piecemeal. They seem very willing to don debris and detritus to blend in with their surroundings.
  • It is unusual, but not unheard of for a Mordok to wear bits of brighter colors, usually due to some trinket or trophy
  • UPDATE: Mordok Shamans have been often seen wearing purple accents on their clothes. It appears to be an important color.
  • UPDATE: Mordok have begun to be spotted acting as commanders of large Mordok forces. They stand tall and wear clothes of various teals and blues and seem to put significantly more effort into their clothing than the Mordok that had been seen to date.

How do they regard magic? What kind of magical people or classes do they have and what do they do?

  • Shamans seem to be fairly common to the Mordok and do a number of leadership and spiritual activities. Some Mordok may display a little bit of magic potential but usually all spell casting focused Mordok appear to be religiously dedicated.
  • UPDATE: It has been observed that Shamans can control both Arcane and Divine magic on a regular basis, almost like it is a norm to their culture. While this concept is not uncommon outside of the Mordok due to Ulven and Human witches, it does appear with significant more regularity among the Mordok.

Is there a rite of passage or coming of age for them to become adult?

  • Nothing official has been observed as any kind of rite of passage.
  • UPDATE: There are vague stories about what appear to be more experienced Mordok leading weaker Mordok into fights against the Ulven. The attack is usually withdrawn before either side is outright killed, then the Mordok vanish. To those experiencing this phenomenon, they have said it felt like they were being tested somehow.

What is their courting & relationship process like?

  • Extremely little is known about Mordok mating. Nothing has been observed at all.
  • UPDATE: Though the Mordok do seem to show different sexes, they don’t seem to show any care for the concept of gender.

How long do they live and what is their birth/child process like?

  • There are no official records that explain how long Mordok actually live for, but some Mordok seem to be very old, estimated to be 75-100 years old.
  • To this day, no young or baby Mordok have ever been discovered or seen. Wild theories run rampant amongst Ulven an colonist alike, detailing anything from hatched eggs, large litters, growing them in the ground to hatching them out of captured victims.

How do they handle their own names? Is there meaning to how they are structured?

  • No record exists of the Mordok using names to distinguish themselves from each other, however no one speaks the Mordok language to be able to verify this for certain.

Are there any special groups or factions within this race?

  • No special groups have ever been observed, but sometimes consistent markings or face paint can be seen on specific packss.
  • UPDATE: One Ulven Pack has come across Mordok in a region that were all marked with a specific type of body paint. When dealt a killing blow, they would fly into a blood frenzy and attempt to fight on long after they should have died. There appears to be no consistency in this throughout the Mordok culture as a whole.

Were there any large/significant events that happened for this race?

  • The arrival of the colonists appears to have been perplexing to the Mordok. They regarded them as soft targets at first but did not view them with such intense hatred like they did the Ulven and actually left them alone in the beginning. As experienced adventurers killed off Mordok or confronted them, the hatred has been building and Mordok appear to now view them much in the same way as they do the Ulven.

What was this race like on Faedrun? On Mardrun?

  • There is no evidence of Mordok ever existing on Faedrun. They appear to have only ever existed in Mardrun.

Is this race a unified group or are there obvious differences between its members? What common ground does this race share?

  • The Mordok as a whole seem to follow the same societal structures, but each pack has its own entity. They do not seem to vary much from each other.
  • There seem to be unspoken territories claimed by a pack’s Alpha but the exact process is unknown.

How do they handle teaching & knowledge?

  • Nothing official has been observed other than weaker Mordok seem to follow and learn from experience Mordok over time.
  • Although most Ulven refuse to respect any kind of sentience within the Mordok, it is obvious that they are cunning and intelligent. They are capable of hunting, weapon maintenance, and crafting clothing and armor, primarily from spoils taken from battles or hunts.
  • UPDATE: As the Colonists and Ulven pushed into the Swamp in 268 they encountered a before unseen type of Mordok. This Mordok stood tall and wore various blues and teals and wore clothes that were very clearly well made and cared for. The rest of the Mordok showed this individual great deference. This Mordok even at one point spoke the common tongue saying “You Started This War. The Mordok Will End This War.” Since then similarly dressed Mordok have started appearing with war parties along The Shield. When they are around the rest of the Mordok fight harder and with increased tactical prowess.

What kind of superstitions does this race have? (sayings, totems, rituals, beliefs)?

  • They will ritualistically kill and urinate on Wolves hunted down and killed.
  • The Mordok respond to a “blood moon” or a moon that is red tinged in the sky. Whenever there is a blood moon, the Mordok seem to be more brutal and vicious.
  • UPDATE: Mordok seem to go out of their way to eat the flesh of whatever they kill. While this is a way to consume food, it seems to mean something more to Mordok. Exactly what the reasoning is behind it is unknown.

What kind of structures do they build and to what style?

  • The Mordok seem to be largely nomadic. They are known to find natural cover, sleep in the open near fires, or construct huts from small trees and branches..
  • Because of their constant hit and run war against the Ulven, the Mordok packs are always on the move or at least always ready to move. Many times a well armored and equipped Ulven war party will assemble and move into an area where a pack is known to be only to find it completely abandoned. The buildings or dwellings they leave behind seem of no importance to the Mordok.

What kind of weapons and armor are common to the race? Is there something that has special meaning?

  • Mordok frequently use punch-style shields so they can throw them away and grapple and grab their opponents and it lends to their skirmish style of fighting they have developed with the Ulven.
  • Mordok will use anything they loot off of dead opponents they find useful, but they also use hides and layers of wrapped materials to create patch-work armor. They do not tend to maintain their armor much of which are dented, rusty, and in some state of ruin. When a Mordok’s gear breaks, it is usually mended rather than fully repaired, breaks being covered with another piece, or simply lashed back together.
  • Mordok do maintain their weapons, but often seem to allow them to purposefully degrade to a certain point resulting in jagged, rusted, and unkempt appearing weapons. This also makes them more lethal as the wounds dealt by such weapons can quickly lead to infection.
  • UPDATE: The Blue-Clad Mordok have been seen in much more well cared for equipment and carrying more well cared for weapons.

What kind of fighters does this race have? Are they known for anything in particular?

  • Most Mordok are skirmish-style fighters, used to attacking in small groups against small groups of Ulven. They commonly have lighter armor and move quickly from place to place. Hunters with bow and arrow are also very common to the Mordok. Nearly all of their fighting is done in small, hit and run scenarios. Most Mordok are quite clever at devising and setting ingenious and cruel traps. Most Mordok prefer to engage only when the enemy is weaker than they are and are known to retreat from any opposing group that has an advantage.
  • When in close combat, most Mordok are brutal, relentless fighters, pressing in to close range, and not stopping till either falls.
  • Mordok are very strong, tough, and resilient. They can take more weapon strikes than a human or Ulven can and still keep fighting. They also heal quickly and recover from wounds that would easily kill even a hardy Ulven. If a Mordok is able to get away from a fight, chances are they will heal from whatever wound they have received.

Is there a particular talent, trade skill, or resource that this race has or focuses on?

  • The Mordok use poisons in all forms. Usually these simply animal or plant poisons but sometimes they are strange concoctions of different substances. The most potent is “Mordok Bile”, which will kill anyone infected by it quickly, nicknamed due to the common act of Mordok spreading their blood or spit onto their weapons or into their victims wounds. This has lead to a superstition that Mordok bodily fluids themselves are poisonous, but there is no evidence of this.
  • It is not uncommon for a Mordok to poison a victim and retreat to allow the poison to weaken or kill.

What is the population of this race (if known)?

  • It is almost impossible to estimate how many Mordok there are. There are no accurate records as to just how large the Mordok race is. There are countless packs scattered all across Mardrun. Mordok can can live just about anywhere, and eat just about anything, so there is no limit to where they can survive. And because of their hostility, and their hit and run tactics, it is near impossible to garner any real accurate information.
  • Some speculate that if the Mordok ever could put aside their differences and united, that they could easily overrun any Ulven or Colonist settlement on Mardrun. UPDATE: This has been seen in more recent years as Mordok have come together to form larger armies.