Brother Orrin Ree – [Renowned]

Brother Orn Ree, Order of Arnath’s Fist

62 years old

Orphaned – joined the order – Received training with the Lions and Eagles

Traveled to Mardrun on the battle barges

Married with 2 children – 1 male, 1 female, both in the Order: 1 Lion, 1 Eagle

When do we start to question our purpose in life? I was content in the Lions until recently. The last 5 years have been hard on Arnath’s Fist. We were always being sent to scout and smash the Enemy. Never questioning why, just going out to slaughter anything not human, and even some humans were eliminated along the way. We stand for right and goodness yet kill anyone or anything we are told to. We have killed by the tens of thousands and have died by the thousands – why? We were taught anything not human had to go – they were our enemy. But these last 13 years have shown me differently. In the Great Civil War with the Ulven, we fought against them and yet we fought with them. When we were left at the Pass, where were our human allies? Where was our food? Weapons? Our relief? Many of the Order died in that pass: for what? As we traveled home to our starving people, where was our help to feed them? Not humans, but Ulven gave us supplies; should we kill them because they are “just Ulven”? No, not anymore. We have suffered greatly from this war. Many dead, battle barges destroyed, the Keep unfinished and the Order in decay. No! No! No! We have to decide what is right and good for us. We need to survive. We need to choose our battles wisely, not just be used by others to hammer the “enemy”. Our “enemy” is the one that helped us to survive through the winter. Some of our leadership is trying to change and I will do everything I can to make that happen. NO more killing everything not human. They have shown us compassion; can we do anything less?

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