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October 269

With many across the lands are busy with harvests and enjoying the festivities provided by their quaint towns, the rumors fly and tales are shared at alarming rates.


More tales of an individual float from Davin’s Hold this month, and the theme is of courtly romance. It seems Lady Al-Azarma has been humoring the advances of the traveling minstrel that has been visiting her last month, and the visits have been noted to be frequent. One tale tells of the handsome individual visiting around eight different times in a single week, another tells of Lady Al-Azarma summoning the individual to her side for lunch, dinner, or even her time reading in the library. As for how true these rumors are, none can say, but it seems that courtly love is in the air. 


Stories drift down from the mountains, the stories are of a pack of branded Ulven that come down from the Great Wolf Hackles this time of year. It is said they prowled in the later nights of the month, stealing food, clothes, tools, and young adult Ulven. Many families awake to empty beds, claiming the branded packs from the mountains stole them in the night. While some Ulven wet nurses and parents may use this tale to keep their cubs in line. Those from Clan Shattered Spear take these tales to heart. Some even report of missing children throughout the month that disappeared during the night. 


In colonies to the south a logging competition takes place in the town of Silver’s Crossing. Many come from all over to watch many powerful lumberjacks, wood crafters, and merchants in the small yet ever growing town. What was of particular note was the tree climbing contest, where a young Syndar was able to out climb the seasoned veteran Ulven. While some claimed that the young Syndar cheated by “pushing” themself up the tree rather than climb it, it was never proved and deemed the young Syndar winner with a purse of fifteen silver. 


Tales of harvest festivals happening all over the continent fall on the ears of all. Tales of drinking contests in Balie Onair, pumpkin boat races in Crow’s Landing, scarecrow building in Key’s Crossing, scripture recitales in Starkhaven, fall fashion shows on the Phoenix Isle, fishing derbies in Stormjarl, archery tournaments in Onsallas, Fristad held a merry time in its taverns, and Lumalia had a lantern ceremony. However, some of the grandest harvest festivals were held outside of the gates of Newhope, skilled bards and swordsmen plied their trade for shows of comedy, foods of all sorts, and dancing for all. Needless to say, this month was a joyous one for all of Mardrun. 

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