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October 21 2018


The current year is 212 of the Commonalty Calendar. War has ravaged the continent of Faedrun for 13 years. Reports have circulated that the Syndar Kingdoms, devastated by war and taking the brunt of the initial undead forces, have slowly retreated north further into their territories for the last few years. Some kingdoms have abandoned their lands and consolidated forces as the undead plague and penitent followers continue to push into the heart of Faedrun.

The Grand Alliance is made up of a number of human and Syndar kingdoms and has stood together for the last 7 years. With its strengths come weaknesses as the different military forces and their leaders continue to try to work together as a cohesive force. The first few years had been costly, but by now enough time has passed that the Grand Alliance has been working together quite well… but the war on Faedrun is beyond the scope of anything anybody had ever imagined.

One of the military forces deployed to the Grand Alliance is the Mushalee Boluk, a “company” of soldiers under the command of the current ranking commander, the Boluk-Bashi. This specialized military unit is made up of soldiers and support personnel that are sent to deal with undead forces that have been able to cross the searing heat of the desert of the May’Kar Dominion.

Scouts have reported to the Boluk-Bashi; allied syndar forces have become aware of some sort of anomaly that appears to have been discovered in one of the Oasis’ on the edges of the May’Kar Dominion. It has some of the higher ranking syndar officers concerned and the Mushalee Boluk military unit has been ordered to scout out the oasis. Reports also confirm the presence of incoming penitent forces so it appears to be a race against time to discover anything that they can…




As the Mushalee Boluk of the May’Kar Dominion marched with other Grand Alliance forces, the Penitent forces in the area moved in with equal vigor and tenacity. For hours the two forces crashed into each other, fighting over supplies and critical locations of territory as well as trying to avoid the ire of the undead that seemed to crawl out from the swamp lands around.

After a brief pause in the fighting, the source of the anomaly in the area was a crypt with a village built over the top of it. A strange magic emanated from the crypt’s depths and both sides wanted to either control it or cleanse it.

Wave after wave of Grand Alliance and Penitent forces clashed in pitched battle which saw immense casualties for both sides of the conflict.

The Penitent’s initial success of controlling territory and gaining supplies during the day was countered by the success of the armed forces of the Mushalee Boluk and its allies during this final push at the crypt.

At the end of the day it seemed that both sides had come to a tie. The Penitents willingness to die for their cause had helped them come out on top when fighting for control of the surrounding areas but it could not out weigh the Mushalee Boluk and the Grand Alliance’s defensive tactics and training which helped them to withstand the tides of Penitent and undead that were crashing against them in the village atop the crypt. Both sides being on equal footing moved from the area in order to consolidate what they had gained and lost from this endeavor. What either side will do to that end remains to be seen.



Click here to see photos from the event!

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