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November 264 – News & Rumors

Word has spread far and wide of the recent battles fought on the front lines of the civil war: Haygreth’s forces marched to battle after feigning retreat, moving in numbers unseen by the Ulven. Branthur personally led his warriors in a seemingly reckless charge to drive them back, hoping to cripple the opposing army into submission. Entering the battle outnumbered and unprepared, the Nightriver forces, accompanied and supported by units from throughout the Coalition, stood their ground in a valiant effort. Particularly through the sacrifices made by those commanding the rear outpost, drawing several Grimward warpacks away from the front lines to their position, was the Nightriver counterassault a surprising victory. Though many lost their lives that day, and many more will forever bear the scars of that battle, the day was one for Clan Nightriver and their allies.

In the end, Haygreth’s forces were forced back into their own territory and beyond, though with the chill of winter setting in, Branthur chose not to pursue them further, much to the ire of some clans who wanted to crush those they had come to see as invaders once and for all. Branthur has remained steady in his course of action, though, insistent on not stretching his army too thin and allowing Grimward to retaliate too effectively.

Branthur has made it known that there will be a meeting midway through the coming month in order to begin to talk terms with Grimward. This is the closest thing to a resolution that has been seen since the outbreak of the Civil War and should be cause for celebration, though not all are excited. Some of the allied clans have expressed their concerns with this meeting, worried that the talks will be focused on Nightriver and Grimward, leaving those on the outskirts to their own devices and defense. Axhound has stated their concerns that Whiteoak retaliation will pose a substantial threat to their clan. Stormjarl has demanded the return of their lands, and have hinted at the possibility of using force to take it back if need be.

News of this upcoming meeting spreads quickly, and has caused a surprising amount of turmoil in Newhope and New Aldoria. Rumors have begun popping up from tavern to tavern, accusing this noble or that of plotting to continue the war, treaty or not. Though many are simply bar tales designed to slander a noble with opposing political beliefs, some of the rumors make decent points: war is a rather lucrative business, and has led to rather substantial profits for those capable of taking advantage of it. In addition, having bored, unemployed mercenaries wandering the city streets could prove dangerous. That being said, the general populace is eager for an end to this war. New Aldoria, on the other hand, seems to have taken the opposite approach: Prince Aylin has made very public his hopes for a peaceful and expedient end to this conflict, despite protests from many of his merchants and mercenaries, who fear that peace will bring economic stagnation. Prince Aylin has assured them, however, that the end of the war will be nothing but beneficial for those loyal to New Aldoria.

Mordok activity south of the Dirge Swamp has continued to decline this month, almost to the point of disappearance. It has been weeks since hunters have stumbled across even the odd patrol of the beasts in the Great Forest. The hunters themselves are not complaining: a day with no Mordok is a good day, indeed. The Daughters in the area, however, tell a different story. The lack of activity is a troublesome omen indeed; if the Mordok are not here, where are they and what are they doing? Night guards to the north have reported a few instances of small bands of Mordok sneaking back into the swamp under cover of darkness, though they tend to keep their distance.

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