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Nikoli Bellfire

Played by: Julian Boehm
Name: Nikoli Bellfire
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Guard
Known Skills: Duel Wield
Birthplace: A small village in Stormjarl, near the Grimward border.
Appearance: strong appearance stubborn
Notable Traits: Unusual, looking for a fight, will run into battle to protect the innocent, easy to talk to, easy going

Bio: My past is the same as most ulven you might come across. I lived in a small village on the border with clan Grimward.
I trained just as hard as the others but we were blessed by Gaia with peace and less mordok than other clans had to deal with.
But it all changed the day Grimward invaded, our clan leader had chosen neutrality in the war, but to clan Grimward we were as good as enemies. They invaded, attacked, and killed our people. They pushed us all the way to the sea. That was the day that really defined me, the day my father left us to join the great wolf. My family had reached one of the last villages left standing. Refuges had poured in from the rest of our lands. Grimward was on the warpath; my dad and I were keeping my brother safe; my mother was a strong warrior. She was in the rear with a few other warriors keeping us safe in case of ambush.

My father said it would be a few hours until we reached the village. I was scared that we wouldn’t make it. Grimward had been fallowing us closely and my mother said that her and the warriors had only barely been able to repel the last attack. I remember what happened next the best, we had just passed a burned down farm and the screams started. They must have sent a group to cut us off in the front because ten Grimward warriors charged out of the woods and began to attack us. I pressed forward to engage an enemy in front of me. He swung his ax at me and I blocked it with my sword, we exchanged blows for a few moments then my father joined me by my side and together we felled the warrior. Our group started running for our lives. My father and I took my brother and started to run. We could hear people screaming around us, and the sounds of fighting all over, but we kept running until our legs could take us no farther. We found a good hiding place for the night. My brother cried until he fell asleep and my father and I took shifts staying up to keep watch. We all wondered about my mother and how she was doing. I woke to movement, there were voices coming closer, my father told us to stay calm we watched from our hiding hole.

Two warriors from Grimward where searching for survivors. They passed by without finding us and we stayed hidden for a while, but soon we started to move onto the village. Hopefully mother would be there. We walked for a bit once we found the road, we knew that the village would be just a little further and we would be safe. We started to see the smoke from the town just a little bit ahead and our hopes started to rise but soon fell just as quickly.

They had come out of nowhere: three arrows flew through the sky. They each hit their target and my father fell before my eyes in an instant. I was unable to help or even move; I just watched him hit the ground and then they moved on us, four warriors: three archers and one larger ulven with a two handed ax, he struck me before I could move, the pain was more then I could take. I fell to the ground and he moved toward my brother. I tried to stop him and he kicked me in the chest. From my back I saw in horror my little brother try to plea for his life. He brought his ax up to finish my brother and started to bring it down. The world froze, time stopped, I was losing my family right before my eyes. Apparently my mother thought so to because she came in hot, she blocked the ax with her spear and drove a dagger through his chest.

He staggered back in pain, she swung her spear around and left a gash on his chest and then plunged it into his left leg and he fell. Two of the archers let loose some arrows in her direction, but my mother was warrior through and through. She dodged, leaving the spear in the Grimward warrior’s leg, she moved on to the three left and she summoned a ball of Gaia’s wrath and threw it into the chest of one of the archers, he fell instantly and the others to began to flee having seen how quickly she had dismantled two of them. She turned to us, and after that it all starts to blur together, burning my dad’s body, my mother healing us, and getting to the village. I swore to myself that day that never again would I lose any of my family to anything. I would gather the strength I needed to stand at the front and protect my family. I don’t know why but my mother put us on a ship to Crows landing. When we got to the harbor there was a man waiting at the dock, he had a green hood and he welcomed us as we got off the ship. He talked to my mother in private, and she told us that the man knew our dad and that he had given us a place to stay in town. Many of the houses were empty, since the winter was bad, and many here didn’t make it. We were thankful for the help and given a place to stay, I thanked the man. He said it’s what we do, to help those in need. I soon joined up with the rangers. I found out the man that helped us was high up in the group, and one day I wanted to be as respected and skilled as he was.

Relationships: rangers my mother and brother

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