PLAYED BY: Josephine Magee
GENDER: Female
CLASS: Cleric
AGE: 30’s
RACE: Celestine Syndar
HAIR: Once Silver/White, but has turned darker after a battle with a corrupted disease.
EYES: Bright blue
OCCUPATION: Has survived with hunting and trade, otherwise none yet
KNOWN SKILLS: Archery, divine magic, research (rarely), foraging
BIRTHPLACE: Tribe of the Lost
APPEARANCE: Silver skinned, lithe, bright eyed, typically adorned in a strange melding of noble yet rustic attire
NOTABLE TRAITS: Hair usually put up, quiet personality until agitated, typically wearing Reclamant heraldry
RELATIONSHIPS: Mentor: Aeronwen, Mother: Isolde, Father: Uaine
RUMORS: Some may have heard of a silver Syndar hiding in the Great Forest. None within Steinjotunn have bothered to confirm or deny.
BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: Born in Tribe of The Lost, Niedre was hidden amongst her tribe for years. Her parents held great affection for their child and didn’t want to see her become part of a system that sees Celestine as inherently better than any other Syndar. The Lost’s relationship with the Celestine was poor at best. If the Tribe could have any part in breaking this cycle, they would. So the entire tribe aided her parents in concealing her existance. However, discovery was inevitable and Niedre was taken from her tribe at an incredibly young and sensitive age. Where most Celestine spend their entire youth under the influence of the Enlightened’s teachings, Niedre’s was instead instilled with a deeply defiant streak learned from her upbringing . She spent the next several years under the Enlightened’s custody, attempting to defy them at every turn. As a countermeasure, her education was assigned to the Reclamant. With her proclivity for divine magic developing as planned and the child’s need for rebellion satiated, the Enlightened were satisfied with her placement. The Reclamant recognized Niedre’s talent for the bow and sent her Rui-Calithil, where she refined her skills as a hunter and socialized with other Serous syndar. Over the years, she formed strong bonds with her peers, although she grew distant from the Enlightened’s classically trained students.
Niedre naturally excelled at clerical magic, and was soon ready for more than novice tutoring. However, as the undead scourge became an ever growing inevitability rather than a distant threat, the master clerics of the Reclamant had little time to focus on Niedre’s training and were more often on the field than in their temples. Little by little, fewer and fewer of the Reclamant returned, until one day the temples were overrun, and the surviving civilians were evacuated onto the final ships to Mardrun. While the rest of the Reclamant stayed behind to save as many souls as possible, Niedre’s master Aeronwen forced her to board the last boats. Niedre arrived on the shores of Mardrun surrounded by hundreds yet alone.
As Niedre wandered Mardrun looking for remnants of the Reclamant or her Lost tribe, she came to settle at the edge of the Great Forest within the territory of Clan Steinjotunn. Although she did her best to avoid Ulven politics at every opportunity, she came to appreciate their apathy to her presence and even began to think of them as allies. To survive in her isolation she would hunt the wild and trade with the nearby Ulven settlements for supplies. On occasion, she would sit quietly amongst their spiritual leaders or join in on a friendly competitive test of accuracy with a bow. She never stayed present long enough to make close friends though, and hastily retreated back into the forest at any signs of The Order or New Hope approaching.
Despite her attempts to remain a hermit, what remained of the Enlightened did eventually locate her, and she was required to report to Celestial Arragones intermittently. Through these exchanges, she began to hear of the colonist’s efforts to push back against the Mordok, and their persistence to research ways of defeating the undead. After news of the retrieval of the Helenstone reached her, Niedre finally began to accept that perhaps her own goals were not achievable without support. Slowly she made her way north to The Shield of Mardrun, uncertain of what to expect…

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