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Naveeve Mashultulam

PLAYED BY: Gabriel Hellerud

CHARACTER NAME: Naveeve Mashultulam

GENDER: Female

CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 23

RACE: Human

HAIR: Dark Brown

EYES: Dark Brown

OCCUPATION: Naveeve was originally a companion under the employ of Marrah, the owner of The Brown Chicken, Brown Cow. She recently has given up that life and is now training to become a healer under Reyna Longfang

KNOWN SKILLS: First Aid, singing, dancing, harp, ocarina, flute


APPEARANCE: Naveeve is small and willowy. She is about 5’2 (though she likes to say 5’2 and a half). Her skin, eyes, and hair, are dark. They are a testament to the desert that was her birthland. She has a rather soft face but a hawkish nose.

NOTABLE TRAITS: According to Brynja Blackpaw, she is utterly adorable.

RELATIONSHIPS: Brynja Blackpaw is Naveeve’s mate.


I do not recall much of my early childhood, perhaps that is because I do not wish to. I was originally born in The May’kar Dominion. I am told that once it was a beautiful kingdom in the heart of the harsh desert. It was once the center for the fine arts. Perhaps that is where my love of music and beauty came from. I hardly recall my parents but I remember the warmth of kind hands on my face and their smell of ginger and incense. They loved me quite dearly this I know. When I was young, my family and I were forced to flee May’kar after the Vandregon army wiped out the city. We became refugees in the kingdom of Aldoria. We were never rich and most of our possessions had been left behind so that we could travel quick and light. When we arrived in Aldoria we were exhausted, confused, and quite poor. I recall that we rented a very small room for all three of us with other refugees. It was only meant until my mother and father could find work. However, it seemed that no sooner had we arrived, fate would uproot us once again. The undead plague that had washed across the land was tightening its noose around all the human kingdoms. Aldoria was sending ships across the sea to save as many citizens as possible. One of my most vivid memories was of my mother and father shoving me onto one of the ships heading to Mardrun. The meager amount of coin that was left was sent in my pockets. I have not seen my parents since. I know that they now wander a ruined land with milky eyes and lipless faces.

I knew no one on the ship, but there were a few sympathetic people that were willing to keep an eye on me. However, when we landed in New Hope I was quite alone. The pittance that I had come with quickly dwindled and I fell through the cracks to become a street child. I did many things that I am not proud of. I stole and lied to survive. When I became older and attractive enough, I taught myself to dance and sing from other ‘ladies of the night’. They taught me how to smile and flash my teeth for coin. I learned to give compliments, to make a person feel wanted. I found that selling my body and my pretty words was a much steadier income than stealing though sometimes it was just as dangerous. I gained a certain amount of steady clientele and was able to afford to eat properly each day. When I was about twenty, I learned of a Syndar with a growing business in New Hope. I was told it was a mish mash of a place. Both a brothel, a shop, and a pub. Intrigued, I searched for the shop and met the enigmatic Marrah Faile. She offered me a permanent place of employ with the assurance of food and safety. I agreed to become one of her girls and wore her mark proudly. Marrah was quite kind to me. She gave me lovely clothes and jewelry. She also gave me a place to rest my head each night that did not leak. She was not only my madam but a very dear friend. I was quite content to spend my young adulthood as a companion and perhaps work my way up to a secretary of sorts for her. But that all changed when I met Her.

I had traveled with Marrah in the heat of summer to The Wolf’s Hackles. We had set up a tent to offer comfort and supplies to the warriors there. Many of them were ulven. I had serviced a few before but they were not a common client for me. It was interesting to see so many. One in particular caught my eye and when she did, all thought left my head. Her name was Brynja Blackpaw. A fearsome warrior with eyes that shone like gems. Despite my duties I found myself drawn to her as if by an unseen force and she to me.

We fell madly in love and in that madness Brynja purchased my freedom. Now I travel with her, learning the Ulven ways. Each day I am training and learning so that I may prove myself to the pack that I am worthy of being part of it. But truth be told it is more about proving it to myself. Each day I work hard to become stronger, braver, and wiser. My path has finally become clear to me. I feel that a new dawn in my life has come and I wish to show The Great Wolf that while I am not ulven by blood, I can be ulven in spirit.


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