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Captain Mordecai “Mad Morty” Blackwaters – [Renowned]

Played by: Winter Edwardson
Name: Captain Mordecai “Mad Morty” Blackwaters
Gender: Male
Age: Forgotten
Race: Human, to the best of his knowledge
Hair: On top of his head
Eyes: At least one of them
Occupation: Captain of the Blue Ruby
Birthplace: Somewhere. His mother might remember – you should ask her.
Notable Traits: Always wears an eyepatch, tends to be somewhat . . . eccentric, has an intense and pathological hatred of rodents.
NOTE: This is taken directly from the Captain’s Log of Mad Morty. It is considered somewhat suspect, except in several court cases related to the good captain’s activities.

I am known on the High Seas as Mordecai “Mad Morty” Blackwaters. I am Captain of the fearsome Blue Ruby and her crew. She’s not the prettiest ship, or the fastest, but she should have sunk a few times by now and still sails on. We were feared by merchant vessels and battle ships alike, for we took no prisoners and gave no quarter. Our plans never went astray, and we always ended up on top.

I remember a few months back, we were docked in the village of Oarsmeet; once a quaint little fishing village, now a wretched hive of scum and villainy. We fit right in. As we were docked, though, a group of rival pirates from that damned Graybeard’s ship, stowed away in our hull, hiding in crates and barrels until we shoved off. When we were all asleep, they burst out, slaughtered my crew to a man, signalled their ship not far from us, then boarded and pillaged what was left of our rightfully stolen booty. I myself was dragged from my bed, tied to their anchor, and dropped overboard as I saw them burn my precious ship to cinders.

When the Ruby made port the next week, we once again unloaded our cargo onto any fence willing to pay us. This time, however, we made sure to check the hull before returning to the Great Blue Mistress of Fate.
Then there were the bloody Syndar. Oh, the stories I could tell of those flighty little bastards! Alas, those are different stories for a different time. Right now, we’re talking about me. We were back in Oarsmeet after another successful raid, our hull packed to bursting with the pelts of many a young squirrel, prepared to sell the furs. An Aldorian war ship appeared on the horizon, heading straight for the dock. “Well that’s not good,” my first mate remarked. “At least it’s just a ship. It’s not like they brought an army or something!” My knife found his heart and he fell to the floor, but I was too late. I heard the distant thunder, felt the ground shake under thousands of boots.

“Now,” I shouted to my crew, standing on the dead man’s chest, “anyone else feel like tempting fate?” I ran outside, expecting to look over the hill and see lines of Aldorian soldiers, Green and Blue flags flapping in the wind. What I saw through my telescope was much more unnerving: Lines of men and women in peasant clothes, holding makeshift weapons and shields, a black line down every cheek. Throughout the mass were disgusting creatures. Once living men, now their flesh had been rotten, showing the bones beneath. Jaws and fingers were missing, and they trudged forward with eerie determination. I looked back to the sea, for once hoping to see the Aldorian navy closing in. But all that had approached was a small dinghy with six figures on it. The main war ship turned at sailed away.

When the dinghy ran aground, I saw a young woman in leather armour start calling orders to the sailors who had joined her on the shore. They rounded up all the villagers they could find, barricading them in the town hall. Next, they set about finding all of able body, and arming them with swords and shields. Finally, the woman went around the village, finding the owners of any ships in the harbour. They meant to abandon the town and evacuate all of the residents. Naturally, I decided not to speak up.

As the locals began filing out of the town hall and towards the docks, one of the sailors gave a shout. “The Penitent are attacking! Prepare yourselves!” The villagers ran to the ships as any who resolved to stand and fight advanced toward the oncoming army. The woman started calling out commands to the men, and launching arrows across the field. I decided that perhaps it was time to do some good for a change, so I ordered my men to join me as we stood with the other villagers against the foe.

Swords and spears were drawn and clashed against the Penitent shields. We killed many men in the fight, but alas, my crew was simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of the enemy. Every soldier and fighter who stood to delay the attack was cut down, slaughtered to a man. Ships were shoving off from the dock, but most were too late. Of the twelve anchored near the village, only 5 made it clear of the dock, and two more of those were burnt down by flaming arrows. Even my precious Blue Ruby was not spared, a massive man with a bigger axe chopping his way through her hull until she sank. I was run through as I watched my love slip below the surface of the water, a single tear falling from my right eye . . . no, wait, I had the patch on the right eye that day, so it was my left eye. Yes, from my left eye.

The next morning when I awoke aboard the Blue Ruby, we were well on our way to the new continent, a place called Mardrun. Lieutenant Cash, as she called herself, was taking control quite nicely. A little TOO nicely for my taste. This was my ship, after all.

Relationships: Captain of the Aldorian Pirates

Rumors: Mad Morty is probably not the most stable individual.

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