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Moarte Darksky

Played by: Dale Kraemer
Name: Moarte DarkSky
Gender: Male
Age: 19 years
Race: Ulven
Hair: brown
Eyes:: blue
Occupation: Hunter
Known Skills: archery, throwing
Birthplace: outskirts of Clan Grimward territory
Appearance: Tall, Skinny, brown hair, and blue eyes
Notable Traits: scar across one of my eyes

Bio: I was a part of a pack Graytide in Clan Grimward; they believed that all Humans and Syndar should leave Mardrun, whether it means killing them or just driving them back to the sea. I didn’t like the genocidal methods they were using so I spoke up and was banished. So, now I find myself on the side of the humans and syndar, but I still don’t like them.

The reason I chose speak up against the pack was because one day we went to look for supplies, found a caravan of humans and syndar. My pack slaughtered everyone, even non-combatants, and burned the wagons. I witnessed a pack member, Yeliw Graytide, take his sword and cut a human child’s head off. The child must have been only 10, and had already lost his parents. Even though this child picked up a sword, he didn’t look like a threat at all. After witnessing the child’s murder at the hands of a pack member I decided enough was enough.

That night around the pack’s campfire I stood up and spoke against the packs way of dealing with the outsider colonist. The others did not agree with my point of view they gave me my sword and the scar across my eye and told me to not return or they would take my life. I took my sword and, decided to make my way to the closest ulven colony I could find that wouldn’t use terrible methods to remove the Humans and Syndar. I decided that I would head northwest toward clan Ironmound who had not taken a side in the war in the hopes that they would welcome me into their clan.

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