Merrik Koska

PLAYED BY: Mike Tukiendorf
CLASS: Rogue
RACE: Human
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Brown
OCCUPATION: Pickpocket, thief, survivalist, hunter, assassin if price is right. All around thug.
KNOWN SKILLS: Pick pocket, hunter, rudimentary knowledge of poisons and antidotes.
BIRTHPLACE: Valinate, in the Kingdom of Richtcrag
APPEARANCE: Unshaven, dark clothing, shifty eyes, paranoid
NOTABLE TRAITS: Always looking for something that isn’t there. Always tense. Dark clothes
RELATIONSHIPS: Was aligned with Daven’s Reach, but when Percival Von Borscht wanted to make Daven’s Reach a legit settlement, Merrik decided to leave town, thinking that he wouldn’t be wanted. He befriended Marcus Clearbrook and traveled south to New Hope. Where hearing about The Broken Blade from Marcus, Merrik decided to meet Volrok Hinrich to see if he could join the Broken Blade.

RUMORS: With being affiliated with Daven’s Reach, people usually talk and it’s not the good kind of talk. People think you’re a murder and a thief, well they’re right! I probably have a few warrants out for my death, or capture, in the cities of New Aldoria and Crow’s Landing.

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: I was born in Valinate to a mother who was a whore. I never knew my father, hell it could have been half of Richtcrag. My mother didn’t have the time for me, to her I was just another urchin that she had to deal with. Most of the time the mad’am of the house took care of me. Either because my mother was working or was too drunk to do anything. The Madam, as she liked to be called, was a ruthless and uncaring woman. The only reason I was able to get food from her was because I was good at ‘retrieving’ things. I had a gift, a deftness, that allowed me to steal items without being caught, or if I was caught I was able to run away. Good thing Valinate was a maze of back alleys and blind spots. In my spare time I would wander into the sewers and find my way through the tunnels making note of escape routes and what entrance led to where. That is where I met Jack. You see Jack was a mercenary by trade, but by night he was a wonderous smuggler. He taught me how to fight and that was to never fight fair, for fighting fair would get you killed. So I learned always exploit a weakness, always take the cheap shots, to never give up, and you might live to retire. At least that is what he would say, though he never really explained what that word meant, but I bet it got boring.

I was about 20 when the Undead Scourge came and I was forced to quit my profession as a smuggler/thief in Valinate. I killed one of the sailors on a large ship leaving port and assumed his identity. There I held my own, learning some basic knots from the sailors along the way for the many months till we landed in what is now New Aldoria. I fell back into my old ways and got caught a couple times. The new world didn’t have as many hiding spots as the old world, and I hated it! I had to leave New Aldoria in the dark of night with a couple bodies in my wake. I don’t intend of returning, but if I do, it will be with a new identity.

I moved up the coast to Oarsmeet. At the time, Oarsmeet was a great town to lay low or to use as a base of operations. The Prince made short work of that. Remind me to send him a card laced in nightshade, the ass!

I then moved up to Daven’s Reach. That is where I have been working on my hunting, herbablism too. Now that Daven’s Reach is going to be a civilized town, I decided it was time for me to move again. The current management wasn’t to my liking. I guess I will see where this Marcus Clearbrook fellow takes me. Hopefully somewhere good, for his sake.

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