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May 2020 – A Well Earned Rest at Ti’Volar

Event Info:

With the situation at the Shield of Mardrun turning quite brutal last month, the combined forces of Ulven defenders at the Shield outposts and volunteers and adventurers coming to help were able to work together and defeat the significant Mordok force moving south. Numerous attacks crashed on the defensive outposts, putting their defenses and the mettle of the warriors stationed their to the test. Large bands of Mordok moved past the Shield to the south, heading into Ulven territory. Many groups of warriors and allied forces were dispatched to meet them in the field and defeat them. Outside of the protective fortifications of the Shield of Mardrun, these battles were brutal and bloody. Almost all of these Mordok forces were defeated, driven back to the north, or scattered and routed.  However, the toll was heavy as many Ulven warriors and allied soldiers were wounded or killed. As things quiet down across the Shield of Mardrun, a coordinated effort has been made to tend to those wounded and in need of care.

The small village, Ti’volar, in Northern Clan Whiteoak territory, was spared the Mordok onslaught due to the response of Whiteoak warriors and their allies. The village has opened its homes and hearths to all to come and rest, have their wounds tended to, and tradespeople work their skills to help others. As always, a small economy rises from these concentrated efforts and merchants have come to interact with the efforts.



Event Summary:

The month in the village of Ti’Volar passes with a well earned peace. Throughout the small village boisterous voices recount their tales of battle and greet friends who have flocked to the small village for rest and recuperation. There is a general air of celebration and camaraderie throughout the village with many people taking this chance to drink and tell stories. Several areas of town have sprung up to act as impromptu taverns for the throngs of visitors and other areas have been set aside for tradespeople to work there craft. These areas are quick to draw the attention of merchants and professionals from all over Mardrun and by the end of the first week many of these areas set aside are full to the seams with people looking to aid and profit off of the need for services.

All through the month rumors and tales circulate through the village. Some are lucky enough to hear a snippet here and there, but in the end there’s no real way to fact check the veracity of any of these stories as they run rampant through the area. Seems as though the adrenaline from battle hasn’t fully subsided, this mixed with the flow of alcohol makes for very chatty warriors.

As the month winds down the people who had come to this village see that their armor is repaired and their wounds healed and though the battles of the prior month were brutal, but by and large it seems like the wounded and battered are able to walk away on their own strength. The combined efforts of a considerable number of adventurers and some of their followers has made quite an impact. Proper triage of wounds of various severity, the constant strikes of hammer to anvil day in and day out, and even the coordinated efforts of life saving or even life improving surgeries keep a constant business alive in the town

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