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PLAYED BY: Samantha Klinkhammer


GENDER: Female

RONOUN(S): She/her/they

CLASS: Baker/ Cleric


RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Green

OCCUPATION: For now she sells baked goods alongside Artemis.



APPEARANCE: usually seen wearing a black dress with a blue apron or a red

skirt with a white shirt.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Stares off into the distance debating her existence.

RELATIONSHIPS: Artemis, Azureal Talonflame


When Maretheris was a baby she was stolen from her crib in the middle of the night. Her family was unaware until they woke up in the morning to see that she was gone. The mother and father went around town in search of their missing child in the hope to find her, or at least some type of clues…Sadly, they found nothing. She apparently vanished without a trace; little did they know she was only a few blocks away.

The man that took Maretheris moved to the outskirts of Vandragon. During those sheltered times, he taught her to bake along with crocheting, reading, writing, and other basic things. Though it seems baking was what she loved the most out of the two. Then one day on a day of baking, there was the undead outbreak, and her father figure was killed as Maretheris ran. She then sought escape on the Pioneer ship, The Alana. Captain Azureal Talonflame piloted the ship. He was a handsome tall dark skinned Syndar. He paid her no mind.

Maretheris then took up residence in Darkport for a time. She spent her days baking to pass the time. One day, she began to experiment with making bread. The scent was very aromatic and attracted a few children. This also attracted the nose of a “young” man named Artemis. He was also Tall, Dark, and handsome. Just like a familiar man she met on the way here. She gave out her baked goods to the children and the man. It was a very intriguing color, a blue and black color. It was also infused with cheese. A very delicious combination. The man kept coming back for more when he had time. He even took some time to teach her a few tricks. They shared a similar bond for baking. He loved the science behind it, and she had the skill. They both liked the experimentation.

Then Artemis was gone for a few months. Maretheris was a bit worried her baking partner was gone. She went out to look for him. She also ventured out of town. That’s when she was accosted by bandits. Then the dark-skinned man showed up to her rescue with a few other men. He then told Maretheris of a plan to open a tavern and they became partners. After Artemis saved her though, she became very fond of him.

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