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March 269

Spring has finally arrived and the land begins to show signs of life returning to the once frozen wastelands.


The grizzly murders that have been plaguing the colonies of Newhope continue on, with the guards continually baffled by how these atrocities happen beneath their noses. The citizens continue to worry, barricade, and  arm themselves to what seems to be no avail as the number of victims continue to grow.

In the streets of Newhope rumors tell of Lictor Mary cul Tricuspis becoming increasingly frustrated. The common folk whisper of her working on some secret project with her secret police and spies, trying to find information on some important matter or another. However, it can be seen upon her face that her progress in those matters are providing no fruit and getting her nowhere.

In Daven’s Hold, Governess Cathrine is proud to announce the opening of one of her more ambitious construction projects with the coming of the spring thaw. With the roads opening back up, the brand new and well built market district. This new district comes with the new roads and holds throughout the territory that create a hub of trade activity from all over Mardrun. Some say this district was to slight those that may have betrayed her trust, but others state it is a power move to claim more economic prowess for the people of Daven’s Hold, and for the Council of Three.


Outside the city of Newhope, Duke Martingale of Westhaven has finished his fighting pits in time for the coming of warmer weather. Surrounding them, market stalls, taverns, inns, gambling dens, bordellos, blacksmiths, and many more tradesfolk and businesses have sprouted up. Creating an area where those who wish to feel relaxed and enjoy what life has to offer can go and spend some time, and money, to do so. That being said, Duke Martingale stated that illegal activities will be not allowed in the area and will have the guard in the area heavily increased to enforce these laws. That being said, with the first sound of the robins one can also hear the first sounds of battle from these grand fighting arenas. 


In Clan Ironmound the recovery effort continues steadily. However, runeseers are shocked as their runes keep pointing them towards the center of the calamity that occurred last month. The runeseers gather together and continue to cast their runes and divination rituals, however they keep pointing towards the center of the odd calamity that happened in the Great Wolf Hackles, and the runes keep hinting about knowledge and memory. Leading those who have seen the runes, and the runeseers themselves, to believe another Lorespeaker cache has been unearthed.  


With the expedition into the heart of the swamp about to head north, hawks fly from the Shield of Mardrun written by the Northern Shield Protectorate. The Mordok are back, and are attacking the shield in massive numbers due to the early spring thaw. They highly advise against any attempts to venture into the Dirge Swamp and are pleading for aid as the forces of the Mordok are unrelenting and putting the forces of the Shield into a war of attrition as warriors are tiring and becoming too weary and wounded to continue.

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