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Mar Bloodfang

Character Bio: Mar Blood-Fang
Race: Ulven
Played By: Dante Hardy
Pack: Blood-Fang (Fang of Kyrkogrim)
Age: 26
Sex: male
Relationships: Krieger Blood-Fang’s Older Brother, Mates with Helen.
Weapon: two-handed weapon fighter

Mar Blood-Fang is an Ulven warrior for the fangs of Kyrkogrim,and a member of what is left of pack Bloodfang. When Mar was young the Bloodfang camp came under attack by Mordok, and the warriors of the Bloodfang could not hold them. The Mordok killed all the Bloodfang, but not before Mar, and his younger brother Krieger were tucked away, out of sight of savage Mordok eyes. Discovered shortly after the attack by a hunting party from the Watchwolves of Sol, the brothers were soon taken in and given shelter from the elements. Such luck would not hold, however: barely a season after being taken in by the Watchwolves, their Runeseer was granted a cryptic vision. “The body grows ill with the blood of a brother,” an omen she believed to signify that blood would be shed between the Bloodfang brothers. This was not a risk she was willing to take, so the young Mar was sent away to live with Pack Fieldcrow in order to hopefully spare both of their lives.
Mar is proud, stubborn, dedicated, and egotistical. He can be very short tempered and easily angered. Anyone who disrespects Mar or his mate will be meet with hostility and aggression, as he is completely devoted to Helen and will protect her with his life. The two have made their home by the Field Crows, so that Mar can be close to Helen and protect her.
Mar loves conflict, and savors any kind of physical interaction. To Mar the only people he considered worth his time are those who can actually hold their own in combat. The only person he holds in high regard is his mate Helen.
Mar is outspoken in his views on the current events taking place. He harbors no hatred for the humans or Syndar, but he expects for them to respect the land and Gaia. His political views are almost non existent if something doesn’t directly affect him or his mate he doesn’t care, however when it comes to the Ulven Civil war He believes the war as unnecessary and dishonorable, and is not becoming of Gaia’s children and sees the Graytides more like Mordok than Ulven for causing this war and believes they will be devoured by the Great Wolf for their deeds.

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