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Magnus Forgebreaker

I am Magnus Forgebreaker of Clan Ironmound, born in the year 225. I am mate to Thalia and father to our three young ones. I am a blacksmith and Ulven warrior, forged by the traditions of my Clan and by the love of Thalia. She is my world and I will do anything to keep her safe. She is the iron that my family is forged from and I am her hammer. The first time I saw her, I knew I had found my mate. Her father and her were ambushed by Mordok near our settlement and he was killed by them. She fought with the spirit of the Great Wolf. Seeing her covered in the blood of her enemies and never giving up against an over whelming force was all I needed to know of her. My fire and hers were combined in that moment. We work as one family as we have moved thru life. With honor to the Great Wolf with our iron and blood.

My father was killed by Clan Grimward during the civil war. A fact that I will never forget or forgive. I continue his legacy as a blacksmith and warrior for the Great Wolf. I will forge my impact on this world with blood and fire as he did.

I believe the Great Wolf breathed fire into our hearts when he forged us. This fire is our honor. When we live by honor, we feed that fire. When living with no honor, we diminish that fire. I live by my honor. Insults to my honor will result in swift challenges by the traditions of Clan Ironmound. No exceptions. The Great Wolf sees all.​

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