Lyr Burnt-Hollow

Character: Lyr Burnt-Hollow

Played By: Kelly Guthrie

Race: Ulven

Content Warning: Assault




Lyr watched quietly, hidden behind the curtain as her mother struggled to hold off the Mordok that entered the caravan. She listened to the clashing of swords and dying wails outside. Another Mordok entered in through the door behind Mother. Her attention was still held by the Mordok before her, she did not expect it when the dagger was plunged down into the back of her neck. Mother became very still, her arms dropped from a defensive position, down to her sides; she released her weapon dropping it to the floor. She fell to her knees with a thud. Mother looked over at Lyr with no emotion and let out a gurgled cough, blood spattering the curtain. The Mordok who had stabbed her pulled his dagger from her neck, blood now flowing generously from the wound and she collapsed fully onto the floor. Lyr began to cry. Mother was dead.

Lyr reached past the curtain and tried to touch the hand of the Mordok as he was now looting her mother’s body. Not missing a beat he grabbed Lyr’s wrist and pulled her towards him. HARD. There was a “Clang,” and he suddenly felt resistance to his pull. The Mordok still holding onto her arm brushed the curtain aside to reveal a small, refuse covered Ulvin child with her face pressed against the small cage at the back of the caravan. With tears streaming down her face Lyr looked up to meet his eyes, and in almost a whisper she said “Thank you.”

Lyr had cuts and bruises all over her, along with being covered in what one could only assume was her own filth. Even while in pain from being held firmly against the bars of the cage, Lyr smiled. Whether it was death by this Mordok’s blade or being left here to starve to death. Lyr was free. Free of her cruel mother. There would be no more beatings, lashes or constant degrading. No more riddles, mind games and punishments. “Thank you.” she said again. He dropped her hand and turned towards the other Mordok still standing there.

A weight had lifted from Lyr. It felt good watching mother die, seeing the light fade from her eyes. Knowing mother would never have the satisfaction of killing Lyr herself. Mother would often monologue to Lyr about all the different awful ways she could kill her. Lyr was not afraid of death, in fact she had wished for it for so long.

Suddenly Lyr burst into laughter. “It’s Over.” she sobbed. Malnourished and exhausted from all the excitement Lyr blacked out to the sight of the Mordok reaching for the cage and the sound of the cage door opening.

Lyr woke up later, night had come and she could hear the Mordok and the crackling of a fire not far behind her. She was alive. But why? She wondered as she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to see at least 14 Mordok around a blazing fire, they were cooking some kind of meat. They didn’t seem to notice Lyr moving or watching. She did not understand them so she didn’t care to listen. Her stomach growled, that food smelled so good. She scanned the area for any food that was unattended that she could grab and take off with. She saw a pile of bones not 5 feet from her, it was doable. She jumped up and bolted for them scooped up as much as she could in one swoop and turned to flee into the woods. A few of the Mordok stood up but a particularly large one yelled as if barking an order. And they sat back down and watched as Lyr stumbled into the surrounding woods with arms full of bones, tiny bits of meat still clinging on. What a feast! she thought as she ran. She heard the large Mordok yell something after her, but she didn’t understand so she didn’t bother turning to face him.

Lyr ran into the woods, and when she realized she was not being followed, sat down under a large Oak Tree, and watched as fire flies illuminated the tree from beneath. This was the most beautiful thing Lyr had ever seen. “I’m glad I lived to see this. It’s like Magic. A Glowing Oak.”

The next morning Lyr looked over the bones she had gnawed at all night and in the light of day realized what they were, but now after everything she had been through; she didn’t even care. Her belly was full and they tasted good.

Lyr followed the Mordok who freed her from her mother (most likely unintentionally) since that previous night, skulking around and watching them hunt and kill. She made sure to never get too close, but she watched and learned quite a lot from them. They always seemed to know when she was close, and some of them would taunt her by hanging food just out of reach as if it was some sort of game. When she would come too close they would start shooting the ground around her feet to chase her off. However, the larger Mordok always seemed to bark something at those who played with her and they would sulk off as if they were scolded, leaving the Large one to chase her off repeatedly. Other than that, they all acted as if Lyr didn’t exist as long as she stayed her distance. She was fine with that though, Lyr liked watching them.
After about a week though Lyr became desperate for anything to eat. She waited until after dark and they all seemed to be asleep. Lyr stealthily slithered into their camp up to the campfire. She reached out to take a small chunk of meat so as to not be too noticeable, but one of the Mordok found her, took up a bone with some meat on it, and began the game with her once again. It only lasted about five minutes before the large Mordok thundered in, throwing the smaller one in a fit of rage to the ground. It then turned its bloodshot eyes upon Lyr and began to draw a bow with arrows. It didn’t take long for Lyr to recognize this Mordok was not wanting to play, but was going to kill her if she didn’t run. She dug her bare feet into the dirt and ran into the woods, darting between the trees.
“Choďte týmto spôsobom! Nevracajte sa! Nebudete znova ušetrení! Beh!” were the words roared behind her. She looked back to only see an arrow landing in the tree directly next to her. “BEH!” the large Mordok boomed. With that Lyr left to come upon a small town, if you could call it that. But there were people and FOOD.

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