Sir Lux Hallowed Knight of The Lady of Ice and Bloodshed

PLAYED BY: Nicholas Hansen
CHARACTER NAME: Sir Lux formerly Lucas Victorson
CLASS: Warrior
AGE: 28
RACE: Human
HAIR: Long dark red hair. generally tied back in a pony tail
EYES: Hazel
OCCUPATION: Mercenary. Thinks he’s a Knight. Formerly a medic in the Vandregon Army but he doesn’t remember that.
Was a skilled Healer prior to retrograde amnesia resulting from major cranial trauma.
Proficient in the use of one handed weapons and all armor and shields.
Too stubborn to die.
Decent cook.
BIRTHPLACE: The village of Antia
NOTABLE TRAITS: Long scar from an axe or sword stretching from front to back on the top of his head
Lux has no memory of:
Victor, Priest of Antia and Father of Lucas, Undead.
Older brother, right hand of the priest, status unknown.
Older sister, fled Antia, Mercenary, Presumed dead.
2 younger sisters, Left Antia with Lucas, Became seamstresses, avoid combat, Presumed Alive
Baby brother, Left behind, gods forgive me, he’s only a child, don’t let him be one of those things.
Lux knows:
Toralf Grimmsvulkerr
James Stewert

RUMORS: He’s a mad bastard, praying to a god no-one’s ever heard of. He’s strong as an ox and just as stubborn.


Year 237: Lucas Victorson, who would later become Sir Lux, was born in late April to the village priest and his wife. He was their second son, or third depending upon how you counted and how much of an ass you are. His older brother and sister were 6 and 3 years his senior, respectively.

Year 238: News of the betrayal of the May’Kar Dominion finally reaches Antia. Victor narrowly avoids panic among the villagers.

Year 239: First little sister is born.

Year 241: Second little sister is born

Year 242: Victor starts training his eldest son to be his right hand.
Life in Antia was hard at the best of times and was only made harder by the demands of her priest. He was a power hungry fool who strangled what he should have shepherded. Using fear and threats both real and imagined, he brought Antia to its knees.
Lucas’s eldest brother was little better. As their father’s chosen heir, he was employed as an enforcer. A constant reminder of the will of “the gods” while his father looked down upon his domain. By the time his older brother was 20, he had already “disposed” of three people who would have caused the mad priest problems.

Year 245: Lucas befriended and started helping out an old herbalist in the village, and began learning how to put people back together.

Year 247: Baby brother is born and mother dies due to complications from childbirth. Victor goes into morning and never recovers.

Year 250: Victor uses his heir as an enforcer, a patrolling reminder of the will of “the gods” while the Priest looked down upon his domain. In this year, three people who had been a threat to Victor’s power had “accidents” and Lucas caught his elder brother one night with bloodied hands.

Year 251: Older sister came out against the treatment of the village, there were arguments both public and private which quickly escalated to fighting then to physical confrontations. This mess forced Lucas to realize how terrible their father was and had been since the death of his mother. His sister fled the village when she realized that her father and elder brother were planning her demise. Lucas promised to find her after he got as many people out as he could and sealed promise with tattoo on his right shoulder.

Year 252: Escape from Antia. Lucas spent nearly a year sneaking around behind his father and elder brother talking to citizens of the village, feeling them out and trying to convince as many to leave as possible before his father caught on. It was early spring when his brother discovered the plot and Lucas fled in the night with almost two dozen people including his two little sisters. He couldn’t manage to get to his baby brother in the chaos.

Year 253: Lucas was fielded as a medic in the Vandregon army at the beginning of the year and stayed with them in Faedrun for as long as he could, defending evacuating citizens and sending messages looking for his older sister. Lucas never found her. Lucas was no hero, he just helped patch them up and get them back to the field.

However, Lux doesn’t know any of that. In fact, “Lux” didn’t exist until after he nearly died the previous winter and lost all memory from before taking an axe to the head.

Year 265: January He awoke in a small cabin filled with the tools and supplies of a healer, looked around the room for a few moments, grabbed a pile of gear that had been set aside, and left.

  • Tattoo on right shoulder blade interpreted as a combination of a flag and a personal symbol.
  • He assumed himself to be a knight due to the armor, sword and shield in the bundle of belongings.
  • He assumed himself to be favored by a deity due to the simple fact of his survival.
  • Red and white were the colors of his deity, red and gray/black, his companions.
  • The domains of his god were, following the colors and that it was winter, Ice and Bloodshed.
  • Any true knight ought to serve a lady.
  • Therefor the Lady of Ice and Bloodshed

He met and started working alongside James Stewart and Toralf Grimmsvulkerr not long after he “figured out” who he was.

The Lady of Ice and Bloodshed
Origin: the first mention of her was by Lux shortly after rising from his near death. Considering that all information about her comes from one individual who suffered major head trauma, it is not unreasonable to conclude that she doesn’t actually exist.

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