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Lucia Coinin

Played by: Marie Maschmeier
Name: Lucia Coinin
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Race: Ulven
Hair: Red
Eyes: Vibrant royal blue
Occupation: Daughter of Gaia
Known Skills: Arcane Magic
Birthplace: Unknown
Appearance: Red hair
Notable Traits: Commonly wears tribal tattoos around her eyes
Born under the light of the full moon, Lucia’s bright blue eyes and vibrant red hair have marked her as one of Luna’s Chosen all her life. Her mother, Brigh, is an infamous warrior, best known for defending her family, even while carrying Lucia in her belly. Some say Brigh’s fighting spirit caught the attention of Luna, who graced her daughter with a rare blessing. Her father, Cliste, is one of few existing Ulven merchants.
Due to the nature of her father’s profession, Lucia’s family was known to most as one of the Pack-less, constantly moving from place to place. However, the family recently joined the Silverhowl Pack and the Watchwolves of Luna. The Silverhowl’s position at the fore-front of Human, Syndar & Ulven relations on Mardrun made them an excellent choice for Cliste and his family. If he can accomplish his goal to establish trade & commerce between the 3 people, some say he will become a new breed of Ulven Hero. Cliste’s position has also afforded his family many luxuries, despite their Pack-less state. It is why the family most-often dresses much more regally than the other Ulven.
Lucia has always had an innate, and quite potent, magical ability. But due to her lack of a stable Pack, she was never formally trained. As a child, Lucia regularly tested these natural abilities. However, her attempts most-often backfired, causing trouble and almost always incurring her parents’ wrath. Since joining the Watchwolves of Luna, she has finally begun to train as a true Daughter of Gaia. Many say her great power and strong connection to Luna make her the most likely Heiress to the Priestess mantle of the Silverhowl pack.
At first glance, Lucia appears to be a normal Ulven magic user; quiet, observant, intelligent and most importantly, controlled. However, her true Ulven nature sits just below this placid surface. She can become a most ferocious creature and her temper is almost famous. In the most common stories told about her, she’s unusually quick to anger and seldom forgets those who she feels have insulted her.


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