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Lia Al Mo’alej Brana Nulpun Khara Weithe Sé Dom Sirina

Player Name: Laura Hagen

Character Name: Lia Al Mo’alej Brana Nulpun Khara Weithe Sé Dom Sirina

Character Name Meaning: Lia (given, casual name), Mo’alej (healer), Brana Nulpun Khara Weithe (God/Goddess of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water in that order), Sé Dom (tribe name), Sirina (mother’s name), [lack of name here means unmarried]

Character Full Name (only given to members of Kae’Rim): Lia Al Mo’alej Brana Nulpun Khara Weithe Sé Dom Sirina Al-Kali Raqi-Nulpun Lo-Kadaran Kali-Das Fali Wei-La Brana-Lo

Full Name Meaning: Al-Kali (born under the kali constellation), Raqi-Nulpun (dance of air), Lo-Kadaran (despair of death), Kali-Das (lonesome wonder of the unknown), Fali (new life), Wei-La (healer of life), Brana-Lo (flames of vengeance)

Gender: Female

Class: Cleric

Age: 31

Race: Human

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Healer, Weaver

Known Skills: Weaver, Transcendent Meditation, Meditation, Divine Magic, Improved Divine Magic

Birthplace: Open desert near the Ul-Weithe flower formation in the north of the May’Kar Dominion under the kali constellation (meaning lonesome wanderer)

Appearance: Standing 5’8, dressed in well worn robes

Notable Traits:
Typically carries a dagger or small sword (to kill undead only)
Believes all life is sacred
Will not carry any leather/tanned skin nor eat meat (unless it is offensive to refuse)
Will try to heal/protect all life, no matter race or alliance
Fierce determination to kill undead

Backstory: I was but a child when my peaceful world came to an end and the unmistakable vengeance grew within me. I remember clearly as our dwindling tribe fought so many undead, not knowing that there was no end in sight. Many of our warriors fought and died, forcing us to move west towards the coast, away from the hordes of undead. We had settled down for the night at a cliffside overlooking the ocean when the undead caught up to us. My parents fought desperately to save me, but were ultimately bitten and torn open in front of my eyes. Screaming in pain and sorrow, a friend (Jakiel) grabbed me and jumped off of the cliff with me in his arms.
I don’t remember anything of what happened after that. I had woken much later in a boat, surrounded by strangers from May’Kar who were fleeing the continent. They had found me drifting in the ocean on a large piece of driftwood and that I was very lucky to have survived. Now the only remaining survivor of Sé Dom (my tribe), I became determined to carry on our traditions and serve Ul-Brana in killing the abominations of undead that plague our world.
However, the new world did not suffer from the undead like the old world did. The numbers of undead were few and far in-between. After roaming the new wilds for a few months, nearing starvation and death from sickness, I was taken in by a farmer (John) and his wife (Nira) who was a healer. They took care of me and taught me about this new world I lived in. I learned many skills from John and Nira, but I still followed the traditions of my people, worshiping the Four Gods and holding their teachings in my heart .
After I turned 15 (5 years after I was taken in by John and Nira), I ventured into the wilds once more with the survival knowledge to live on the road. While I never will forget the kindness that was shown to me, I want to wonder as my people had before, living as one with nature, protecting living creatures, and destroying any plagues of undead. For 16 years I traveled, sometimes alone, sometimes alongside caravans or travelers. From my prayers and learnings, I have been granted healing magics from Al-Khara, protection magics from Ul-Weithe, aura magics from Al-Nulpun, and offensive magics from Ul-Brana. It surprised me to be able to use such a diverse array of magics when I had not yet formed a priest pair, but I surmised this was because I worshiped not two but all four gods (as part of a priest pair each person only worships two gods). While I find it fulfilling to protect life on my travels and destroy the few groups of undead that are sometimes found, I will always remember the old world and greatly wish to go back and reclaim our lands from the corruption that has spread on it.

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