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Letter After Fire

Ylsa Stormherald

Delivered to Raskolf Vakr via borrowed messenger falcon the day after Wayward Inn caught fire:

Dearest Brother of my Mate,

We are well, but no longer in the place you left us. It has burned to the ground (sadly, with my favorite sword and mug inside it). I hope this letter reaches you before you reach the wreckage.
Our mutual friends returned to us with word of Clan Grimwards’ decision, shortly before Greytide came to deliver the message themselves. There was a battle with our newly-declared enemies. We had superior numbers but inferior armor, and they knew not to come to the open where we could surround them. It was only through the efforts of a very skilled healer and a certain clever little girl that we survived. The healer was unable to tend to us all before the second wave broke through our walls, however. We had to flee to a neighboring village, leaving our previous shelter in flames.
The news of war is grave news indeed, but not all hope is lost. Two of the former sun-soaked pack chose to stand by our side in battle, as well as one who was nearly sent to meet the Wolf by his own pack when he chose not to follow their path.
Our somewhat bolstered party will make for the same village that you were headed to as of your last parting with our mutual friends, once our wounds heal enough to travel the distance. If you are not there, the company will most likely break for now. I will take your family to the lands of my born Pack – we will be safe there, and my kin can spread word to our allies faster and more securely than any other.

Be well,
Your Cloud-spotter

P.S. If you see our quiet friend, please be sure to tell him of the sun-soaked ones’ loyalty to us. There is unpleasant history between him and them, and he departed before our enemies arrived.

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