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Leo Orofin

Played By: Zack Alesch

Name: Leo Orofín

Full Name: Leonardo Orofín

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Syndar

Hair: Dark-Blond

Appearance: Young syndar male, a bit gangly

Occupation: Adventurer

Known skills: Arcane magic, first aid

Notable Traits: A good listener, a bit untrusting

Birthplace: A small town in Vandregon

Faction Affiliation: The Rangers of Crow’s Landing

My family went on the one of the earlier ships across the sea to Mardrun when I was very young, and I can barely remember Faedrun. I’m told we lived in rural Vandregon. My parents moved there to avoid approaching undead forces, as well as provide medical services to returning soldiers. To adjust to life around humans, they took up a last name to avoid complications. As for my shortened name, Leo is what other children in the town called me, as humans have a tendency to shorten the names of others. My parents worked as doctors in the new colony as well, so I grew up learning and reading about medical sciences. The walls of our house were stacked with books on the body and how it works, and my father made sure I was well educated in the material.

Since the moment it was first introduced to me, I knew I was meant to wield magic. I’m fairly sure a family friend or house-guest doing small tricks was where I first was introduced to the arcane arts. It just was so fascinating to me, since there was so much still undiscovered about arcane magic. My curiosity was too much, and soon I was learning from a local mage in my free time. My focus was mainly on how to wield it in combat, since my parents always pestered me about how dangerous the world was. Soon enough the basics were second nature to me, and I was turning my curiosity towards the lands outside my hometown.

Growing up restricted to the areas around Newhope has fueled my curiosity. I constantly strive to learn as much as I can about Mardrun, and wish to travel around. During my time growing up, I used some extra money I had to buy a map of the southern peninsula. It was rough, mediocre, and contained few details on anywhere outside Clan Nightriver. Despite the pathetic beginning, the map made me wonder much more about these lands. I purchased a few more and soon drew up my own map by combining features of those I had. My parents began complaining that I was wandering too far outside the city. I decided that, as soon as I could, I would leave Newhope and begin to explore the world laid before me.

After I was confident enough in my magic, I quit my training and left home, despite the appeal from my parents that I was being hasty and rash. There is much more I can learn from going and experiencing the world than from sitting in a study scouring books and scrolls.
Naturally, I knew I needed allies, but didn’t know where to turn. People who were frequent travelers would do nicely, so I tried investigating what was called the Brotherhood of the Long Winter. Unfortunately, shortly after I had joined, the Brotherhood fell out of power, and I was back to the road, with no home, and winter beginning to show itself. I have been stripped of most of my money, as I spent it in order to get by in the harsh cold. Since the largest faction has fallen out of power, I will turn to what was the second largest, the Rangers of Crow’s Landing. They are an accepting group, and travel often, so I will be able to continue to explore, while still having a powerful ally. I shall have to see if I feel loyal and committed to their cause, but for now, at least I am safer.

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