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Last Hope LARP – Land Fundraiser

In November of 2017, the owner’s of Last Hope LARP (Ryan and Mischelle Maas-Jopp) were able to partner up with Brian Maas and purchase 46 acres of land in New Lisbon, WI. After spending 6 years bouncing from location to location, Last Hope LARP finally had a property to call its own.

With this new freedom of deciding what we can do on the new property in regards to our LARP comes a new set of challenges, primarily financial.

The 46 acre property needs a lot of work to get to where we want it to be. Simple things we as a community take for granted… driveways, parking areas, camping areas, mowed trails, water, electricity, etc… are things we need to plan for and save for. 2018 is going to be a big year and we would love your help. While we always appreciate the attendance of the players of our community (and your event entries help us plan out additional expansions as well), we decided to do a dedicated fundraiser for the new property of Last Hope LARP.

Starting in March of 2018 and going for 2 months (ending April 30th, 2018), we will be opening up a fundraising opportunity for the players of Last Hope LARP and those that wish to support us.
100% of the money donated during this fundraiser will go towards expanding the facilities of the larp property.


– Current Fundraiser Amount & List of Backers –

Total Funds Generated – (Updated 4/25/18)


$1000 – Shawn Smith – (Platinum)
$750 – Anonymous Donator (Gold)
$500 – Kelly Pelot & the Last Hope Demo Team – (Silver)
$500 – Jaime Arreguin – (Silver)
$500 – Sadie Raab – (Silver)
$500 – Kathleen Raab – (Silver)
$250 – Tim & Caitlin Heise – (Bronze)
$250 – Cody Jackson & Jennifer Schneiderman – (Bronze)
$250 – Sydnie Krause – (Bronze)
$250 – Cole Potter – (Bronze)
$250 – Zach Powell – (Bronze)
$250 – Tim Miller – (Bronze)
$150 – Joel Robertson
$150 – Order of Arnath’s Light Faction
$150 – Andrez Beltran (Arnath’s Light)
$150 – David Rodich (Arnath’s Light)
$150 – Rebecca Maas (Arnath’s Light)
$150 – Manda Rossenbach (Arnath’s Light)
$50 – Benjamin Pfister
$45 – Nate Tukiendorf
$25 – Melanie Arce
$20 – Anonymous Donator


– What are we trying to fund? –

First, a little bit of information about the property and some pictures to help you all visualize our goals. The property is 46 acres of woods. It is great for running around in but not so great for driving, parking, camping, etc. There are no structures on the property, no electricity, and no water. This was recreational hunting land that has no facilities. However, this property is literally only a couple minutes from the interstate and just 1.3 miles away from gas stations, restaurants, and motels. It is very easy to get to for many people from all areas of the state. The property is on Frontage Road in New Lisbon, WI. (No exact address yet… we are still waiting for our fire number to arrive)

We have decided to place a priority on some projects that we wish to do on the property.

Pavilion Shelter
The first project we want to fund is a metal roof pavilion shelter in the primary outpost area. This will allow us to have some respite from the sun and the rain. We could finish it later with walls (permanent or temporary) or leave it open. Eventually we would like to build multiple pavilions around the property for secondary camps and additional places to use.
Estimated cost: $2,000.


Expand Driveway/Parking Area
In-game facilities are great but the ability to park and drive in the site is very important. We’ve already spent $2,000 on the driveway with the permit, fire number, clearing, mulching, culvert, gravel, etc. We have been able to clear out about 1/3 of the driveway/parking area but we still have 2/3 of the way to go. This requires us to do a TON of manual labor (thank you all you wonderful helpers so far!) and then hire a local company to bring in a giant mulching machine. The machine is not cheap, but it will clear everything to the ground. A future goal of ours is to put down kevlar matting and gravel along the entire driveway; this will be expensive (roughly $8,000) but is not the main part of the goal this time.
Estimated cost: $1,500 (just clearing)

Having even minimal access to electricity can be huge… we can run computers for registration, chargers for cell-phones, fans during hot weather, music on speakers, run corded power tools for construction projects, and hang lighting in the outpost area to allow players to see without needing tiki torches or portable light sources. However, this will require us to run a line from the road to the main outpost area and have an energy company put in a remote electrical box.
Estimated Cost: $1,500

Pole Barn
The grand daddy of our property goals… is a pole barn. Not just a shed, we want to have a nice pole barn with a decent size. Concrete floor, ample in-door gaming/usable space, storage areas, plumbing for water and sewer, and more temperature stability would be part of the pole barn plan. We understand this is a big ticket item (it requires ground leveling, concrete, materials, construction, plumbing, septic, more electrical, etc) but the quality of events and the impact it would have on our larp (both the staff’s ability to run it and the player’s ability to participate) would be immense.
Estimated Cost: $30,000-$40,000


– What if I’m not into LARP? –

We are going to be sharing this fundraiser with a lot of different groups. Some of them are into LARPing, some of them are not. This fundraiser is not just for the betterment of Last Hope LARP, our medieval fantasy live action role play that we will be doing at the property, it is for the enhancement of the facilities of the property. We are still brand new to managing the property and different events, but there are some great opportunities we might be able to host in the future. Special group outings, Boy Scouts involvement, family outings, different larps, reenactments, belegarth medieval  combat society, SCA events, airsoft events, etc… these are all possibilities that we might expand into. Feel free to let us know what you would be interested in using the property for as well!


– What are examples of some rewards? –

We have decided to do a “Tiered” reward system. The more you donate to the fundraiser, the more rewards you can unlock. While donating to Last Hope LARP to help the game is great, being given rewards for that support is even better! Our premium backer options ($250+) include plaque engraving recognition of their name which will be kept at the property, immortalizing our highest contributors.

We have some examples of Last Hope LARP swag that you can be rewarded with. This let’s you customize your rewards based on what you are interested in! It will take time to coordinate prizes after the fundraising campaign is complete and backers are responsible for the cost to ship items to their locations (but may coordinate local pickup).

Exp – Experience Points for a Last Hope LARP character of your choice
Silver – Coin for a Last Hope LARP character of your choice
Standard Rewards – When you unlock a standard reward, you may choose what it is from the following list (UPDATE: you may choose the same reward multiple times):
– 5 additional silver
– 3 additional exp
– 2 faction exp
– Embroidered LH monogram logo Beanie Hat
– Last Hope LARP etched logo Glass Tankard
– Last Hope LARP etched logo Wine Glass
– Last Hope LARP printed logo Coffee Mug
Premium Rewards – Similar to Standard Rewards, but higher level options (UPDATE: you may choose the same reward multiple times):
– 10 additional silver
– 6 additional exp
– 4 faction exp
– Last Hope LARP printed logo athletic Hoodie
– Sword (Stronghold foam sword from Epic Armory)
– Personal Story written about your character by the Lore team
Stretch Goals – Stretch goals are special rewards that backers can earn based on the overall success of our fundraising campaign. Every backer who donates $100 will be eligible for our stretch goals.
$3,000 – Every eligible backer gets an additional 5 silver – UNLOCKED!
$5,500 – Every eligible backer gets an additional 3 exp – UNLOCKED!
$8,000 – Every eligible backer gets a Last Hope Embroidered Beanie
$13,000 – Every eligible backer gets a Last Hope LARP printed T-Shirt
$18,000 -Every eligible backer gets a Last Hope LARP Premium V1.5 Rulebook (Spiral Bound)
$23,000 – Every eligible backer gets an additional 5 exp and 10 silver
$38,000 – Every eligible backer gets a free entry into 1 single-day or multi-day Last Hope LARP event


The different levels to the fundraiser are as follows…

$25 Backer – 3 exp, 3 silver
$50 Backer – 5 exp, 5 silver
$75 Backer – 5 exp, 5 silver, 1 Standard Reward
$100 Backer – 8 exp, 10 silver, 1 Standard Reward, all Stretch Goals
$150 Backer – 8 exp, 10 silver, 1 Standard Reward, 1 Premium Reward, all Stretch Goals
$200 Backer – 10 exp, 15 silver, 1 Standard Reward, 1 Premium Reward, all Stretch Goals
$250 Backer – Bronze Plaque, 10 exp, 15 silver, 2 Standard Rewards, 1 Premium Reward, all Stretch Goals
$500 Backer – Silver Plaque, 13 exp, 20 silver, 2 Standard Rewards, 1 Premium Reward, all Stretch Goals
$750 Backer – Gold Plaque, 13 exp, 20 silver, 2 Standard Rewards, 2 Premium Rewards, all Stretch Goals
$1000 Backer – Platinum Plaque, 15 exp, 25 silver, 3 Standard Rewards, 2 Premium Rewards, all Stretch Goals


– How do I donate? –

You can get involved by donating in person at events or practices or online via our PayPal account. Groups may pool a donation together to reach a higher level (For example, on behalf of a faction, team, business, or organization) and they may divide up the rewards as they see fit.

UPDATE: All backers may choose the option to remain anonymous; if specified, the name of the person giving a donation will not be released publicly. Simply state this in the text field area of the PayPal checkout.

Backer Option
Specify Rewards Unlocked

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