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Krieger Bloodfang

Played by: Jacob Beardsley
Name: Kreiger Bloodfang
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Bloodfang Warrior

UPDATE: After months of frigid weather and bad conditions, Pack Bloodfang took the fight to Grimward and conquered one of their small settlements. Without support, they were forced to retreat back to the Watchwolf settlement. Longstanding allies, the warriors of Pack Bloodfang refused to leave the side of the Watchwolves in their darkest hour. They pledged to stay and fight with them, no matter the cost. As the ranks of Grimward charged in after the spring thaw, Pack Bloodfang stood defiantly against them. Inflicting terrible losses on the Grimward invaders, the Bloodfang warriors fought dearly and made Clan Grimward pay for every inch in blood. Dozens of warriors were killed before the remaining Bloodfangs were wounded enough to be taken out of the fight, which fueled their tenacity and their howls of rage were heard far down the battle line. Watchwolf defenders were unable to support them fully, and without the rest of the Coalition or their supplies to aid them, Pack Bloodfang’s warriors were killed to a man. Krieger Bloodfang was one of the last to fall, covered in blood and gore and swinging his large sword amongst numerous enemies, until he also fell in battle. When the fight finally ended, warriors of both the Watchwolves and Grimward took a moment to respect the fallen warriors with honor, and both sides were even permitted to be a part of the massive funeral pyre that was lit that evening, sending off some of the most ferocious warriors known to the Ulven.

Kreiger and his brother Marr lived togather with their mother and father. Krieger was only an infant when they were ambushed by a group of Mordok. His mother and father were killed in the attack, leaving Kreiger and his older brother Marr alone to hide from the Mordok. Luckily, a hunting party from the nearby Watchwolves of Sol were passing through and managed to fend of the Mordok and get the two youths to safety. Seeing that these orphans needed a home, Kreiger was adopted by a family in the Eastern Watchwolf village, while Marr was sent south to be adopted by a different clan. He has always remembered this kindness, and despite his new affiliation, he still counts the Watchwolves as close friends. The years since this tragedy went by smoothly

He has no adopted siblings other than his younger cousin Orrin up in the Western Watchwolf settlement. Kreiger often visited the young lad and they have become great friends. Kreiger’s visits into the Watchwolves of Luna territory has led him to meet Raskolf Vakr, whom has become a good friend and advisor to the younger Ulven over the years.

Kreiger started to display great amounts of aggression around the age of ten. He would often pick fights just for the sheer sport of it. This love for fighting often would get Kreiger in more trouble than his adopted parents wanted – a certain amount of rough-and-tumble play was expected of the young, after all.

To give the child a better direction, his adopted father started to teach Kreiger how to wield a short sword. As the years went by, his frame grew, and with it, his preference in weapons, eventually leading him to a large two-handed blade. It wasn’t long after that his love for battle and fighting drove Kreiger to become a better fighter than his father. This training had helped to straighten up the rowdy kid and allowed him to better serve his people by joining hunting parties and defending his home from Mordok attack.

Despite the tempering of discipline, Kreiger’s love for battle still raged deep inside his heart. This attitude eventually caught the eye of The Fangs of Kyrkogrim. When he turned sixteen, Kreiger was approached by an Ulven warrior named Victor – the leader of a newly-formed war pack called the Bloodfang. Victor asked Kreiger to join the war pack and come with them to combat some invaders that have arrived by boat. Kreiger jumped at this opportunity.

Shortly after that Kreiger had learned that his older brother Marr was also asked to join. Despite their years of separation, the two quickly became great friends and soon started to relate as siblings – a fierce rivalry developed between them. The two would constantly try to prove that they were better than the other. This became more of a game and pastime as the years grew on.

Kreiger continues to go back to his home to spend time with his family and catch up on things with his old friends. He also tries to make it out to visit his cousin and catch up with Raskolf. These visits happen less often due to his new obligations to the Bloodfang, but whenever he gets the chance, Kreiger tries his best to make the most of them.

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