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Kovar Savarog

Player Name: Solomon Stevens

Contact Info: sboysteve@gmail.com

Character Name: Kovar Savarog

CLASS: Warrior
AGE: 20
RACE: Human
HAIR: a slightly reddened brown color
EYES: blue
OCCUPATION: A blacksmith who refuses to work with weapons, providing armor and shield repairs as a pay what you can service.
KNOWN SKILLS: Trained blacksmith, adept with heavy armor.
BIRTHPLACE: Though I wasn’t born here, I’ve lived in the tiny village of Oros located roughly 25 miles from the Nightriver Clan’s border from New Aldaria as long as I can remember.
APPEARANCE: A man of average height and build, typically seen with his apron on.
NOTABLE TRAITS: Never carrying a blade and always refusing to fight unless strictly necessary
RELATIONSHIPS: Exiled from the village of Oros and its surrounding territories. Recently joined Imrick OakenBrow and Rexton Atherton as a travel companion.
RUMORS: Many think me a coward and fool for my pacifism, some may have even heard I was involved in the attempted Oros revolution.

Growing up in the small village of Oros brought with it many boons. There were the great, close friendships, the freshness of the vegetables plucked straight from the fields, and of course the lack of competition to become the blacksmith’s apprentice. But small backwater towns like ours have their downsides as well. Nobles granted lordship over the smaller, quieter places tend to try to find ways to flex their control as if they see the land itself as being beneath their lofty status. Such was the way in our village when Mathew was granted the title of Lord-Baron and his manor established on the hills overlooking our village. It was clear to all who cared to pay attention that Mathew wished for bigger things and felt his lordship over such a small and unassuming place to be an insult to his noble name. Unfortunately for us, the eyes of the City-State don’t always find their way to the small places either.

Mathew began to take advantage of his position. He taxed our people more heavily and took advantage of our labor to earn himself a higher quality of life as we began to languish and after years of putting up with this, three of the more prominent members in the village met to determine what we should do about it. There was Sean, the village’s primary blacksmith and the man who taught me everything I know, Idris, the owner of the local tavern and the best damn baker I’ve ever met, and Robin, the greatest carpenter the village had to offer. After consulting with the various townsfolk, the three decided that if Newhope weren’t going to step in then we would have to take matters into our own hands and oust Mathew. Everyone would arm themselves and meet in the square the following week and we’d run Mathew out of town or something like that, looking back it was a stupid plan. I was a humble blacksmith, maybe nineteen at the time. I had recently finished my apprenticeship and had been producing swords, shields, and armor for the guards stationed in the village. The pay was shit and I made sure I always had a gear surplus so if the guards needed repairs they’d still have usable gear, so when the rebels asked me to help secure arms and armor I happily agreed to supply them. My family, friends, and everyone in the village were set on this revolution and I was going to do my part to help. But the day we were going to gather, Mathew had everyone forcibly brought into the square and I watched with the rest of the village as Sean, Idris, and Robin were executed with swords I had made. At some point, whether Mathew had spied on us from the first meeting or one of the villagers had ratted us out, Mathew learned of our plot and sought to make an example of our leaders. Then, I and the others who were important to the cause were exiled from the village and the surrounding territory. Why I haven’t been exiled from the entirety of the City-State, I can’t say. My guess is that Mathew is probably trying to keep the planned rebellion under wraps, for whatever reason. Whatever the case, from that day on, I vowed to never work on a weapon ever again and that I would only take up a weapon to protect myself and those important to me.

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