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Kara Riverhead

Player name: Elizabeth Sobek
Character name: Kara ( car- ah) Skywillow, of Pack Skywillow, of Clan Riverhead
Gender: Female
Eyes: Haze
Hair: Brown
Age: Not sure maybe 29-30 years
Race: Ulven
Children: 1- father unknow
Occupation: Traveling Merchant former employee of Marrah Faile and occasional mercenary although its not common knowledge.
Known Skills: Buying, Selling, Trading, Hunting, Trapping, Archery
July of year 250:
When Kara was a young huntress and warrior in training from Clan Riverhead she left her pack to fight the colonists from Faedrun.

Year 251:
After the truce was made between the Colonists and Ulven and upon learning of the circumstances behind the immigration of the colonists Kara developed a tolerance for the humans and the Syndar, even befriending a few of them.

Years 251- 261:
As a young Ulven she traveled around the territories fighting in skirmishes here and there but keeping mostly to herself until she eventually found her way into Marrah Faile services were she learned the skills of buying and selling.

Year 261- present:
After working for Marrah for four years she ran with Pack Long fang in the Civil war but rejoined her clan after hearing the rumors of the gathering Mordok horde.

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