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Kalt d’Thidranki

Player: Matt Voiku
Character: Kalt d’Thidranki
Race: Human
Class: Rogue


“So, We are recounting the history of man are We?”
“The history of A man, to be more precise…”
“And why are We detailing this man’s past?”
“Everyone has a past…a story to them…”
“So they do. And We will ignore the fact that you neglected to answer my question; for now”

“The night which it all ultimately began was no different from any other. He was…”
“Who is he. He has a name, We know he must have a name…”
“Ah, yes, His name…The man’s name was Kalt. Kalt d’Thidranki, and he had been moving from city to town to settlement for as long and he could remember taking what he needed or wanted as he pleased.”
“So he was a thief?”
“Among other things, yes. And this title is quite relevant to his story. It all began due to Kalt’s larcenous habits. On this night he was walking with a pair of well armed men…”
“That’s not it. We saw this part, he was running and they were chasing”
“Oh yes, you are quite right. He was running from the town guard after a mugging a man in the street for his coin purse. Now normally, Kalt would have familiarized himself more with a new town before committing any acts of burglary, but this mark was too easy to pass up, and his greed got the better of him you see.”
“So Kalt was running through unfamiliar streets with guards closing in on him. Kalt is at this point incredibly aware of his impending incarceration, but he continues running and turns a corner where he sees a caravan wagon with a man standing by it.
“But all of this is not the interesting part. What We found intriguing is what happening next. When the guards turned the corner and saw they man at the caravan wagon, and they asked him which way the thief went. The guards again asked if he had seen a man running by here, and which way he went. The wagon man…”
“Again you leave out names!”
“Ah yes, the wagon man is called Ivar”
“Each time the guards asked Ivar which way Kalt had gone Ivar told them he had no idea what they were talking about.”
“After Ivar denied any knowledge of Kalt’s whereabouts, Kalt heard two swords being drawn, then the sound of two swords clattering to the dirt, then the sound of two men in armor collapsing.”
“Kalt started to move out the other side of the wagon, but he stopped and looked around at the scene with Ivar. Curiosity getting the better of him this time you see. And looking at what had befallen Ivar, his ears certainly had not deceived him. Two others stood over the unconscious guards.”
“Ivar then turned to Kalt and said, “I could use a man like you”

“And they rest, as they say, is history. Kalt has been traveling with Ivar from that day onward”

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