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June 268

The colonies of Daven’s Hold and Newhope are in full political motion as they work with emissaries to have banners sworn to their cause. Settlement after settlement slowly fall under a liege lord of one form or another as the political boundaries begin to form. While the City-State of Newhope has gathered a substantial quantity difference compared to the other, Daven’s Hold has had many high material producing settlements swear loyalty to it. 


Prince Aylin seems to have sent a few small ships up north of Whiteoak to do some scouting of the shoals and islands. Being considered an odd move at best, many speculate what mystery has caught the royal heir’s interest to spend such valuable resources. 


As June comes to a close, Clans Shattered Spear and Clan Whiteoak are coming even closer to an agreement on their alliance that would surround the Dirge Swamp. Many in both clans feel strongly that the talks will result in an alliance that will finally solidify the two northern clans as the defenders of Mardrun from the destructive forces of the Mordok that have finally been pushed back into the swamp.


Rumors of a possible treasure trove are on the lips of adventurers and fortune seekers. The rumor goes that there is a chest of gems, precious potions, rare books, and other items of value are hidden deep in the Great Wolf Hackles. Hopeful adventurers, young souls, and those looking to get rich quick flock to the mountains in hopes of finding the elusive bounty. 


The Mordok launch a major strike against the Shield on the Whiteoak side, there was even the sighting of one of the rumored Called. This attack was almost successful in breaking through the outpost and patrolling troops, but a warpack from Clan Axehound came in from nearby and flanked the enemy force. Before the Mordok could regroup and recover, the Axehound reinforcements utterly devastated the them, forcing a retreat back in the Dirge Swamp. 


Limping back into Starkhaven is six of remaining former Lion’s of the Fist, with three more on a cart in dire need of medical aid. Many are surprised to see that any of them survived, but those that did seem to have been what was left of the best the Fist had to offer. They limp through the streets with tattered armor and battered bodies as they assemble in front of the temple and await their judgement by the Order of the Light after they survived their ordeal and crusade against the void of the Dirge Swamp.

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