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July 24th, 2016 – Fire Isle Market Faire Event

Pre-Event Story:
After negotiations took place for months, Clan Nightriver finally agreed to one of the terms set forth by their largest ally, Clan Stormjarl. After Stormjarl was denied reparations after they chose not to sign the recent treaty that ended the ulven civil war, a delegate on behalf of Clan Stormjarl had pushed for terms to paid for by Clan Nightriver directly. While still being negotiated, this agreement gave Clan Stormjarl two thirds of an island south of Nightriver territory, called the Fire Isle.

Home to the small settlement of the Phoenix, the Fire Isle is now the location of a major settlement building effort. Ships come and go with lumber, food, building supplies, and settlers. Some of the people of Clan Stormjarl have volunteered to move off the mainland and take up residence at the Fire Isle and will consider it home. This initiative represents a great step forward for Clan Stormjarl after it was damaged so greatly during the civil war against Clan Grimward.

The trading post of the Phoenix settlement has chosen to host a market faire; merchants have been invited to come and setup shop and sell their wares. Tournaments will be held as entertainment for those coming to visit, and invitations have been sent out for others to join. Fuhlka Stormtooth, Chieftain of Clan Stormjarl, is the current ranking leader of the new Clan Stormjarl settlement and is expected to make an appearance to meet their new neighbors. Prince Aylin, a longtime ally of the Phoenix and a fan of market faire events to expand political negotiations, has also replied that he will be in attendance. Several other delegates of some of the clans and the colonies may also be in appearance.

As the rest of the world continues to bear the brunt of rebuilding after the civil war or to defend against mordok raids and the new corruption (and some, both), the market faire stands to be a welcome and light hearted distraction for merchants, settlers, and visitors alike.

Post-Event Story:
As travelers approached the trading outpost of the Phoenix settlement on the Fire Isle, the place was alive and bustling with activity. Merchants from the mainland and representatives from numerous factions were on hand with booths and merchant spreads to buy, sell, or trade. The Prince of New Aldoria was seen at the beginning of the faire with an escort of Marines and New Aldorian guards. Also in attendance were representatives from Newhope and also from the Order of Arnath and Clan Stormjarl.

As visitors bought and sold wares, talked business, or just spent time interacting with each other, the tournaments took place near the trading post. Champions of combat and skill were chosen and awarded silver for their efforts. Overall it was a pleasant, but hot and humid, day on the Fire Isle as banditry was deterred or the remote location of the Fire Isle making petty thievery less inviting. Eventually it was observed that the Prince of New Aldoria and the Chieftain in charge of Clan Stormjarl’s interests were locked into a detailed discussion about business and expanding their influences and efforts. Rumors said that any involved in helping the ambitions of New Aldoria and Clan Stormjarl were likely to get rich or at least posture themselves in a good position in the politics of Mardrun.

Letters were received and read out loud to all those assembled and one letter in specific was written by the Hand of Arnath, the leader of the Order of Arnath. It detailed out the ongoing investigation into the undead scandal and then had listed a set of names of those wanted for their involvement in this matter. This was an official summons of those listed to come to Starkhaven and stand trial for what they have been accused of. It also detailed out the grace period of how long those accused had to willingly turn themselves in… or face the fines and penalties of having a bounty placed upon them for their capture. Tension rose at the faire as several of the people listened were in attendance, and an Inquisitor for the Order of Arnath was able to negotiate with some of them to come peacefully. However, violence did not break out during the event, several people were escorted away from the faire under Order custody and await the ship to take them the mainland to stand trial in Starkhaven. Many people watched and wondered where the trial would be, who would be in attendance, and who would be judge and jury.

As the faire came to a close, the newly appointed Baron of Key’s Crossing addressed the crowd and informed all in ear shot that the Colony of Newhope had acquired the notes on the corruption research and found a cure to the mordok corruption. Several adventurers from the Pack Longfang and Archon factions were named as helping with this research. Whispers taken away from the address hinted at a deal in secret that took place; some suspect that the Newhope representative bought out the research in the name of the Colony. Nevertheless, it was made known to all that the Colony of Newhope now has the cure to the corruption and intends to share with others.

Click here for photos from the event!

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