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Jarta Longfang

Played by: Jacob Beardsley
Name: Jarta Longfang
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Healer

“Dear journal, I have recently become the healer at the Outpost. I have taken over for Thrand since he left. It’s been rough but nothing I can’t handle. I’ve come to know the people here quite well. Stanrick, our chieftain, isn’t as cold and ruthless as the stories led me to believe. He is loud, though. There are others here, mostly Ulven but we also get humans and Syndar. They are all right, but some don’t respect our way of doing things. I myself find it annoying and disrespectful, but fighting amongst ourselves is what started this stupid war. Living at the outpost isn’t too terribly bad, but as a healer I’m always busy due to the swamp. Well that’s all I have time to say for now.”

Jarta Longfang was born in the Longfang village. He wasn’t particularly big for his age and wasn’t good at fighting. He preferred to play games and was very interested in learning rather than training. He always had a desire to help the sick and wounded, which led to him spending most of his time around the healer tents and huts assisting whenever he could. This was where he picked up the healer trade and became an assistant to one of the village healers.

Several years past and he eventually became a fully practicing healer. His ability to use a bow made him perfect for traveling with hunting parties. He actually enjoyed that because he felt he was doing a lot of good by helping gather food for the village.

One year ago he was assisting a hunting party when they stumbled upon a mordok camp. Before long the mordok swarmed like bees around the party. It was all the hunters could do to fend off the attackers. Jarta quickly started tending to the wounded. Suddenly a shaman jumped out from the trees and blasted Jarta with a wave of power. The able bodied hunters were too busy to notice the new threat. The shaman stepped over one of the wounded hunters and started casting again. Jarta knew it was going to be a bad spell just by seeing the amount of energy the shaman was gathering. As the shaman let the spell loose, an orb of black energy shot from the shaman’s hand. Jarta leaped hoping to intercept the oncoming attack. He made it. The orb struck Jarta in his left shoulder blade, blowing apart most of what attached his arm to his body. He instantly passed out from the shock.

He awoke to find a bunch of healers and a daughter standing over him. He was back in the village and was told that he was carried back by the surviving hunters. The daughter also told him that his left arm would never work well again due to the extensive damage.

This didn’t sway Jarta from his passion of helping those in need. He has since devoted his free time to learning all he can to further improve his healing. He has even picked up the ability to read and write. But on the off chance he isn’t tending to the wounded or studying he can be found singing and/or playing a few odd instruments to calm his nerves.

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