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January 269

The residents of the land know nothing but ice and snow, all things else that seemed to have been living have either frozen in freezing winds and rain, or fled to find shelter from the dreadfully cold winter.


In Aylin’s Reach, a group of cartographers, sea captains, and logistics personnel gathered around a table to discuss what to do with the islands to the north of Whiteoak and what they could gain. The ships sent out previously discovered rich reefs filled with fish, islands covered in towering pines and hardwoods, and shores perfect for docks and ports. They argued, bickered, and talked long into the night as the candles went from new to small nubs on the table. Eventually an agreement was made, they would attempt to build in the spring.


In the west in Clan Ironmound, the land suddenly shook as if the land itself was angry. Multiple mines collapsed and avalanches came down from the Great Wolf Hackles. After the terror and shaking was done, workers labored tirelessly to try and free those that were stuck inside these mines. Which many wondered if this had happened in the past, to which a few greybeards said it happened back in their grandfather’s time, when the mountains shook with a fury that flattened houses and opened cracks within Gaia herself. With that knowledge, many in Clan Ironmound wonder what caused such calamity and if the Goddess Gaia was angry for some unknown reason.

In settlements throughout the Colonies of Newhope and Aylin’s Reach, individuals are appearing at libraries and leaving books at their doorsteps. Librarians are baffled as these books contain small bits of wisdom, knowledge of the local lands, healing remedies, how to craft certain objects out of wood, and so on. It was when a librarian was able to grab onto the hand of an older individual and asked what was happening with these seemingly random donations.
It was then that the individual said that these people are those that worship the Elder Deities of Richtcrag and are following an ancient tradition and rite of the Elder God Tyrl, The Elder Deity of Wisdom and Winter. When the librarian relayed this information to his colleges, many remembered on the Winter Solstice that there were an unusual amount of scrolls, maps, and books also donated. With the source behind these gifts unveiled, they began to decipher and categorize the books gifted to them.

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