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James Arbor – [Renowned]

Played by: Jaime Arreguin
Name: James Arbor
Gender: Male
Age: mid-twenties
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: brown
Occupation: Traveling mage
Known Skills: Arcane Magic, Meditation, spell return, Lore: Arcane Magic
Birthplace: Vandregon
Appearance: Plain tunic, black pants, boots
Notable Traits: Markings of Eyes on hands, black marks/runes along arms
James is a quiet sort of fellow who doesn’t tell much of himself. He helpful and willing to fight for his friends and allies but not reveal much. But if you get close enough to him he might be willing to tell you his story.
James came over to Mardrun quiet young. He had lost his family to the undead upon Faedrun and fled to the coast. Once there he heard of boats heading to a new place, he stowed away on a boat. While on the boat he studies books that belonged to his parents. They were books of magic and how to tap into the mana stream. He practiced tiredly on the trip. By the end of the trip he could access the mana stream by still not produce any spells. Once off the boat, James settled into his new life as one of the refugees. He survived the first few years in New Hope by stealing supplies. Eventually he was caught, but was saved at the last moments by a mage. Seeing the potential in a new student took responsibility of James and took him under his wing. After that James worked during the day to build up New Hope and studied magic at night. It took James many a year of study but he learned much under his master and became the mage he is today.
Now James seeks to better his understanding of magic and learn more of his new home, having never left the safety of New Hope. With his Master’s blessing James has now set forth into the world to begin his adventure.

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