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Jack Melteson

PLAYED BY: Kyle Herrewig


CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 28

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Blue


KNOWN SKILLS: Barkeep at the White Rabbit.

BIRTHPLACE: Old Vandregon

APPEARANCE: Black kimono and red obi with brown rice hat.

RELATIONSHIPS: Brother of Jon Meltesen.

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: Born in the year 237 on the continent of Faedrun. Brother was born in 239. Our family were the owners and operators of a small pub/inn before departing for the continent of Mardrun upon its discovery in the year 250. Upon arrival to New Hope, father and mother used all their saved silver to buy a new pub/inn. That is where my brother and I finished our ascent into adulthood before we set out to make our own way on Mardrun. As we traveled across the land, I discovered my talent for archery when we were down on our luck and in need of food. Honing this skill, I was able to feed my brother and I. After traveling all over for a number of years, we found ourselves in Crow’s Landing with enough capital to open a pub. We named the pub in honor of a rabbit that had alerted us to a Mordok horde one night as we were preparing to bed down on the side of a road north of Crow’s Landing. With that, the White Rabbit Pub was born and our wandering ways were at an end in the year 263. For a little more than a year we tended our pub and payed little attention to goings on across Mardrun until one day a cleric named Puckerman came into our humble pub with a rather large woman wielding a spear. When he found out my brother was a fully trained blacksmith he requested our services for the Rangers. We did a few odd jobs for him and gained some connections within the Rangers. Recently, we met a fellow named Akyr after my brother took an untimely arrow to the knee. He spent a bit of time in Crow’s Landing while the Broken Blade was training its unit. He was a decent fellow that was quick with a joke and happy to join us for a few rounds at the pub after closing time.

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