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Ivan Axel

Name: Ethan Cox
Character name: Ivan Axel
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Age: 17
Race: Human
Hair: Brownish black
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Mercenary/Freelancer
Known Skills: First aid, throw, duel wielding, armor proficiency, and improved armor proficiency
Birth place: The small Aldorian port town of Cool Water
Notable traits: Eager, arrogant, looks for fame, riches, and adventure. Cares little about where he goes and even less who he’s with. All he’s truly interested in is money and fame.
Appearance: Large, stocky, tough, and big.
Relationships: Knows most of the Rangers and most of the people within Crows Landing.
Rumors: None (As of yet.)

Eon is Ivan’s father; Ivan’s mother was left back on Faedrun due to the lack of room on the ships.
Eon, “Hmmm. I hear there’s a civil war going on between the Ulven and there’s a Syndar leading Mordok up north.”
Ivan, “It sounds like a fun time had by all.”
Eon, “If I were 18 years younger, I’d head right to the front lines. I might just come out with something when all is said and done.”
Ivan, “No shit?”
Eon, “Fame, power, riches, and maybe some stories for some of those future children of yours.”
Ivan, “Going on about that future shit again are you father; but that does sound like a good deal.”
Eon, “Hey, I hear the Rangers are looking to build an army here in Crows Landing. I wonder if they have any room for someone like you within their ranks.”
Ivan, “Are you saying that I’m a problem?”
Eon, “No. But do you remember what your mother used to say?”
Ivan, “Hmm?”
Eon, “Boy, is your head made of iron….”
Ivan, “And your brains out of lead or what? Yes father, I remember.”
Eon, “Good. At least I know that not all of your brains are made of lead.”
Ivan, “Ha. Now let’s get back to work. We don’t have all year you know.”
Eon, “You know, our family has had a long history of soldiers and warriors.”
Ivan, “I know, but isn’t that how you lost your leg in the first place? Fighting in the front lines; killing penitent?”
Eon, “Yes, and what fun that was. In the few battles we did win; my fellow soldiers and I would just bathe in the spoils of war. Enemy armor, weapons, loot, and from time to time, silver. It was a gold mine.”
Ivan, “Yes, but you still lost your leg!”
Eon, “Yes, but if I hadn’t lost my leg when I did, I would have never met your mother.”
Ivan, “I know, but still…”
Eon, “If you’re not going to join the Rangers for our family honor then do it for your friends here at Crows Landing. Do it for money, fame, and the possibility of power.”
Ivan, “Humph. Fine, I’ll enlist.”
Eon, “That’s my boy. It’ll be fun, trust me.”
Ivan, “You know you’re going to be the death of me someday.”
Eon, “I Know.”
Ivan, “Come on. Let’s finish up with this house. It isn’t going to build itself you know.”

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