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Isaac Halragoth

Name: Captain Isaac Halragoth

Played by: Drake Nelson

Age: 40

Class: Rogue

Race: Human

First Mate Isaac Halragoth thought the Captain mad when the Phoenix convinced them to unload half their ships weapons and sail into the unknown. The crew insisted on retaining the remainder of the ship’s armaments, “to fend off the Kraken.”, but they needed all the extra space for supplies they could make. With it’s shallow keel, heavy armament, and modest cargo hold, the Maelstrom was a warship, built for coastal duels, raids, and maneuverability in treacherous waters, not lengthy expeditions.

Days into the voyage, the ship hit a fierce storm. The crew battled to keep the ship above the waves. Halragoth was no stranger to inclement weather, but this was like the wrath of the gods. “You said Solaras put you up to this?” Isaac screamed over the rolling thunder and titanic waves. “And Lunara controls the tides?” The shaken Syndar listened on intently. “Great, we’re pawns in a marital dispute.”

The joke didn’t raise morale as much as he hoped. After hours of battling the storm, they finally escaped, but the ship tailing his was lost. In the aftermath, the Phoenix finally change the vessel’s formally crass name to the one it is known by today.

Blown off course, supplies began to dwindle. It was only on empty stomachs that the crew admitted that the ballistae they had sacrificed precious cargo space to carry were actually intended to fend off coastal pirates.

At last, after many more hardships. After weeks of starvation, sickness and suicide, they at last found land. It would come to be known as the Fire Isles.
A village was built, and Isaac Halragoth spent some time enjoying comfort and the company of his now dear friends the Phoenix. Eventually however, their ship was loaded back up, and the Maelstrom reluctantly departed for home.

“Wait until they hear this back in Faedrun, I’ll be famous.” The Captain stated.
Years later, as he sat marooned on a desolate island cove, those words would haunt Isaac Halragoth. When they returned to Faedrun, nobody believed the stories of their exploits. Their luck kept getting worse, until sickly and in deep debt, the former captain died.

Isaac Halragoth inherited the Maelstrom and became it’s new captain. Exhausted by dwindling profits privateering on behalf of Aldoria. Captain Halragoth sailed for the Fire Isles, hoping to reconnect with the Pheonix. Once again, ill fortune would ravage the Maelstrom. The Maelstrom hit a second storm shortly before arriving. Struggling to keep the vessel afloat, Captain Halragoth barely managed to save the ship by running it aground on an island cove.

Unequipped to repair the ship, Isaac Halragoth languished on the small pile of rocks which was to be his prison. Eventually, driven to utter desperation, Isaac attempted to sail to freedom on a dinghy he had managed to repair. He carefully charted the islands position, intent on returning some day to repair and recover the wounded Maelstrom.

Remarkably, after days at sea, he landed on a landmass he would later learn was called “Mardrun” Encountering monstrous creatures with dark skin and pointed ears, he imagined he had found the land of the dead. Fleeing south, he eventually encountered another race of beings with a warrior culture and pointed fangs. Again, he kept his distance. He took to living as a hermit, avoiding the natives, who never thought much of the stunted-toothed outcast in the woods. It would be years more until Isaac met another Human or Syndar.

Since then, Captain Isaac Halragoth has been working as a merchant, trying to save up the coin to hire a barge, lumber, and shipwrights to go recover the Maelstrom.

After Vazra’s expulsion from The Spire, Captain Halragoth joined with a cult of fanatic Vazra followers and perished fighting against The Rangers of Crow’s Landing and the Magus Tyrannus of The Spire.

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