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Iris Treemaster

Playername: Kendra Seering
Character: Iris Treemaster
Race: Ulven
Gender: Female
I was a young Ulven in a small village north of Hazemane Village. I was in the middle of trading with a Syndar when the Mordok found my town. Our village was hidden from sight by large granite outcroppings and was relatively unknown. When we found out about the Mordok, it was too late; they attacked us and killed some of our people and somebody was corrupted. When I tried to help my family by healing them the best I could, they told me to run because they thought I was more important; I training to be a Daughter of Gaia and able to perform healing magic. Though my skills are currently limited, my family knew my skills would improve and be far more useful in the future.

The leaders of my village had sent a team of bodyguards to protect me and sent me away right when another group of Mordok attacked. We almost got away but we were ambushed. Though they were excellent fighters normally, they weren’t very good fighters against Mordok. Well, not very many people are good against Mordok. I was so scared that I passed out in the middle of the battle and the Mordok thought I was dead, so they just left me there. I woke up and got away, heading south like my village elders said to do. I was alone and scared and I was traveling for a week on my own. I passed out again, this time from no food, little water, and no sleep. When I awoke an elder Daughter of Gaia was cooking food; I had a blanket and water! She helped me advance my skills for the upcoming trials as we traveled south together but eventually she had to return to Pack; I learned that she was a lone traveler from Pack Fieldcrow and she invited me to seek them out to learn more about magic. We parted when we linked up with a merchant caravan heading south. All I knew was to make my way to the coalition or allies of Clan Ironmound. It would be nice to try to hope most of our people made it safe out of our village, so I will seek them out later on.

I had found lots of food and water while training for what comes ahead and my challenge of being one with Gaia. I am still young and the bulk of my story has yet to be written.

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