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Icewolves Fall

(views seen by most recent pack chieftain, Darvrick Icewolf, as written in his journal 10-12 years ago)

What can I say about the Icewolves? We are hunters of day and night, we are known for many things. Compassion? Well that’s a different story, only for our young. I hope someday Salguod finds this journal so that he may know that he was important not only to his mother but to me as well. But I am to talk about the pack.

A few months ago I was approached by one of our eldest Witches. She told me of a Mordok attack that would weaken us to our core and most would not survive. She told me only the strongest would survive. She told me there would be a strong evil force that has never been seen before by our kind. She said that no one would listen or aid us, but there was hope. She also told me of a betrayal that will happen years from now by our clan to some of our friends. Then she told me of a civil war. She continued to tell me of things but the rest all seemed like babble to me Of course, out of respect I let her continue, then I ask, “Is there a way around this with minimal casualties?” There was a glint in her eye, almost as if she was waiting for me to ask.

She says, “There is a way. Do not contact any of the other packs or clans. Talk with the heads of the families and get cooperation to make plans to have them disappear during the attack. Have a strong fighting force to oppose the attack. I will arrive later and let you know.”

The Icewolves are known to be courageous, and to be feared by our enemies. We are warriors and hunters. Some are archers and farmers. What to do? Listen to the old Hag? Or have our great pack extinguished overnight? As for Salguod? He is the next in line to be chieftain. He is already respected on his own, even some of my advisers are in favor of him to be chieftain. As for a clan betrayal in years to come? Civil War? She has to be crazy.

He is my son. I cannot bear to lose him. There will be danger for all. I will send him away, on a hunt or something. He must live, for I might not.

So, I spent the next couple of days with the heads of the families in secret meetings to explain what the old Witch said, and we devised a plan for the pack to disperse among the packs and clans of their choosing. I told them not to introduce themselves as Icewolves and to avoid our clan, the Whiteoak. There was much doubt and confusion, but I made them listen. I told them to wait until the time was right. When Salguod was ready to take on the chieftain role, he should look for any remaining Icewolves to back his cause. Even though he may think the pack is gone, he will still believe that there will be few left.

Out of the Seven families, there has to be some left.
Gaia and Salguod, forgive me for what I must do to protect you.

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