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Hex Pendable

PLAYED BY: David Brunes




CLASS: Warrior

AGE: 28

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Blue

OCCUPATION: Mercenary/Guard, now dragged into a “divine militia”/cult.

KNOWN SKILLS: Surviving in an urban environment, beating people, fighting, murder, sleeping, drinking

BIRTHPLACE: Small Vandergonian town now long since destroyed, too young to know what town that was.

APPEARANCE: Rough, stoic, usually looks like they just rolled out of bed and are annoyed by your presence.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Usually tired, covered in armor, and either looking for food and drink or consuming said food and drink

RELATIONSHIPS: Currently a member of the Blades of Sol, convinced to join by his other ragamuffin friends who have either gotten much more involved, left, or died at this point.

RUMORS: They seem to just go with the flow, not really fighting decisions or making major decisions for themself. They have a rigid exterior, but internally just want a good meal and a nap.
Not much is known about them because they tend to not do much. No one has broken them out of their shell, whether or not anyone has even tried yet.
They don’t even seem to want to be a Blades of Sol member, but they seem to not want to be convinced otherwise. Last person who tried was met with the usual hostility.

Born in a town now lost to the hordes of undead and cultists to parents that died off long enough ago to be forgotten, this wholly unremarkable man is a living epitome of indifference and unwillingness to change. They stuck with the same friend group growing up, at least the ones that survived, and made their way doing what the rest of the world did. They ran through alleys as a kid, stealing here and there. They got in their fair amount of scraps with other street dwellers, occasionally needing to make use of sticks or rocks to get their point across or make their escape.
Always longing for the simple life, Hex’s wishes never are met as they are constantly asked to do this or that. Hoping that one day they would either land a comfortable spot being a guard in a town with no problems so that they could keep watch on something too important to be messed with and enjoy their off time drinking, or they would meet a voluptuous and well connected woman who would take care of them so that they never needed to work a day in their life.

Instead of living either dream, Hex’s friends found a Celestine Syndar. Thinking they could easily make some money following around someone who reeked of being special in some form, they followed as “guards”. Time went on, and despite their otherwise ill intentions, they ended up becoming guards for this celestine. What became a way of getting free food and drink became an actual job, and one surrounded by interesting company at that. From doting ulven wanting to keep a naive syndar safe to groups of Solar worshipers thinking this Celestine was a gift, Hex and his group ended up mingling and mixing in. Hex himself tended to only speak with his direct friends, but never turned down a free drink when offered to him.
But as time went on, one specific day had changed everything drastically. The land continued to be at its own throat with bandits, mordok, and tense political problems. The group of travelers were as crestfallen as the rest of the realm in the midst of the winter season. With complaints heavy in the air, one of the tavern patrons posed the question to the celestine “Are you going to unite everyone under a banner to vanquish the darkness?” Hex himself rolled his eyes and continued drinking his ale, but then he heard everyone beginning to rally with the celestine. Apparently the shiny guy had said the right thing, and the tavern atmosphere began buzzing with excitement and standing. Hex, not knowing what was going on, stood up with his friends still eating his loaf of bread and accidentally joining The Blades of Sol.
Many months have passed since his joining. He was given a sword, heavier armor, formal sword training, a sufficient amount of food and booze complimented by moral raising parties, and has been more or less been kept content with his new life within the Blades. While his friends roamed, departed, died, or found themselves deeper within the Blades, Hex continued his life of being a fighter and simple guard. Occasionally being asked to do a task here or there that he has not been a fan of, primarily a dangerous mission to fight bandits or something worse, he does his job with the normal amount of grumbles you’d receive asking a tired farmer to stand up after a long day’s work.
An unremarkable, unwavering, and otherwise standard human who hasn’t had anything special happen to them has been dragged into a group claiming to want to save the world. Whether he knows what he’s in for or not, this man’s adventure has already started. Either becoming a legend or becoming another funeral pyre, only time will tell.

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