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Haralt Von Khun-Wolff

Player Name: Jared Helgestad
Character Name: Haralt von Khün-Wolff
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Greyish Blue
Occupation: Íoclaochra (Mercenary or ‘Paid Warrior’)
Known Skills: Melee combat
Birthplace: Richtcrag
Appearance: Always dressed in nice, red and black clothing with large sleeves and a fancy hat, thick accent, and a lot of weapons.

Haralt was born in the Kupferhügel region of Richtcrag. His father was named Burslav and was an Íoclaochra. Burslav started training him to become an Íoclaochra like he was, but not long after the undead blight began to worsen. Fearing for the life of his son, he sent Haralt with his uncle, a fellow Íoclaochra who was recently injured and could no longer fight at the time, named Joramir to Mardrun to wait out the war and return if it turned around. It obviously did not turn around and needing a way to make a living in a new world, his uncle continued training Haralt.

Once he was fully trained and his uncle thought he was ready they loaned out their services as mercenaries and hired muscle to random thugs and people who could pay. Some time later Haralt and his uncle were hired to help escort some Syndar who was interested in researching the swamps and the Mordok. After a long time away, only Haralt returned and resumed taking jobs when he could until he got enough of a reputation to be hired for better work. He was then hired for another excursion towards the swamps, which ended badly again. But this time he and one other survived, another Íoclaochra named Felix Klein. They decided to partner together and eventually they were hired by the Ravens.

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