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Character Name: Gwyndolin

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Class: Mage

Age: 146

Race: Serous Syndar

Occupation: Archivist, librarian, and teacher.

Known Skills: Arcane Magic, Knowledge of rituals and esoteric magics, knowledge of history.

Birthplace: Tielorrien, Faedrun


To Syr Cordyn Lockwell, Magistrate of the Ravens and Headmaster of the Ravens University,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit. My name is Gwyndolin and I send you this letter as it is my wish to seek employment with the Ravens and the University in Keys Crossing.

I shall start with my credentials. Before our exodus from the continent of Faedrun I worked as a member of the Enlightened. If you are not aware of the Enlightened we were an order responsible for the education and training of the celestine syndar and preservation of arcane and historical records important to the syndar people. I would recommend inquiring with the Baron Alestear for more information if need be.

I have experience teaching as well as managing the archives from those days. Once I reached the continent of Mardrun I started working under the Celestial Arrogones in her archives researching and managing various texts and tomes. The subjects that I would be best at teaching include up to the highest levels of arcane magics, esoteric and ritual magic, as well as history of Syndar and Faedrun as a whole. I would also appreciate my expertise be used in the libraries of the university and if the position be available and you deem me worthy, to be in charge of said library. I hope the many decades of experience will be sufficient.

For the rest of these words I am putting my faith in you to keep them to yourself. I have left the Celestial Arragones’ services because I do not believe her to care for any individual people. It has been clear to me since the incident with Shin that she is willing to let others sacrifice themselves for whatever goal she deems worthy and is ready to cast them aside once they are no longer useful. I refuse to work for someone who plays with other’s lives like that and I have done my best to finish my work with her and leave on good terms. I would be much more comfortable working with the Ravens, especially with the current trend your organization has taken. I greatly appreciate the focus on education and the wellbeing of the citizens of Keys Crossing.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read my letter and sincerely hope to hear back from you.

With thanks and well wishes,

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