player: Tim Miller
Character: Guthrum
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: human
Hair: brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Merchant liason for the Brotherhood of the Long Winter
Known Skills: Fearless warrior of the Brotherhood, wields a great sword
Birthplace: A Small village in Faedrun
Appearance: Bearded, good looks
Notable Traits: nothing of physical note

BIO: Guthrum was born in Faedrun and experienced first hand, the undead apocalypse that swept over the land. He originally was part of a militia set up by his village to help defend it from the undead. When the dead came, they where not prepared. The village’s meager defenses were nowhere near enough to ward off the endless tide of undead. His village was overrun; the militia swept aside, and his friends and family slaughtered. In the chaos of the battle he was forced into the forest. He was forced to flee through the forest for his life. After wandering the woods for days being chased by the undead, he came across Gandr trying to light a fire to keep himself from freezing. Knowing the undead where in close pursuit he convinced Gandr to flee with him. Together they made it to the coast and eventually they where able to secure passage on a colony ship by selling all of Guthrum’s armor. Upon arriving in New Hope, Guthrum tried to find a place for him and Gandr, eventually falling in with the Brotherhood of the Long Winter and swearing himself to Jarl Ivar.
Relationships: Sworn to Jarl Ivar’s service. Close friends with Gandr Wodeen
Rumors: He’ll Cut you

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