After the siege of Davens Reach, I was trudging through a thunderstorm on my way home after giving away the last of my silver to bandits that had lost their way. After my extended life, I’ve seen humans do far worse things to put food on the table. But this story isn’t about Davens Reach or what happened on the way home. Those stories are for a different day.
As I returned to my homestead in Darkport, I immediately began drawing myself a bath, as I had been drenched by the downpour and had no way of getting clean until I got home. I had talked to the Sailors Tribunal and announced to them of my wish to officially become a diplomat of Darkport since it’ll take me some time to fully become their leader. The Syndar leader, Nathaniel, was not present and they informed me of their decision when he returns. I returned to my homestead to prepare for the next big adventure. The next day is where the magic will begin and when I will assume the highest title in my tribe. It’s a title that very few members of the Wolfgang tribe had attained in the lifetime of this tribe. It is one of the highest honors to receive and it is something not given out lightly. Only Syndar that have not only proven their worth for their people, but also make grave sacrifices, gain this title.
I arise from slumber like a normal day. I wake up, make some breakfast for me and my daughter, and do some meditation. However, instead of a cheery child like normal, I am greeted by a sad and gloomy girl that only looks like my child. I had thought nothing of it as it could just be her time of the month or something. The rest of this story will be told as if it was happening in real time.

Naxala, “Father? What are your plans for today?”
Dad, “I don’t know hun. Probably some light meditation and I might go out to the Spire and talk with Vazra.”
N, “Oh..I see… well for today can you stay in Darkport? Some of the members of the tribe have a gift for you.”
“Ok. I’ll stay for today only because you asked. You also seem sad. Is something wrong?
“No, nothing’s wrong…I’m fine, just my time of the month I suppose”
I then finish my breakfast and clean up the plates. I spend part of the day talking to some Syndar from Fawyth about some old projects that were left on the old world and how it’ll be nice to go back there and reclaim them.

I am then approached by my Adviser, Allon Bowstar. “Meister Talonflame. A word in private”
“Certainly, Bowstar. What is it?”
“I need you to come to my home here in Darkport. The members of Wolfgang have set up something special for you since you were away on your birthday. “
“I’ll gladly go even though there is no need to celebrate my birth. It’s quite unnecessary. What time should I show up?”
“Arrive when the sun and the moon are both present in the sky”
I then return to my home to prepare for the night’s festivities as I know that when my tribe plans something, it’s usually going to be big. I decide to put on my tribal attire as I know some members of my tribe aren’t as regal as I am.

Later that evening, I arrive to Bowstar’s place. The candlelight is quite dim for it to be a party. I walk in and immediately I am knocked out, bagged, and dragged to some unknown place. I am then awoken by a rush of water hitting my face. The first thing I notice is that I am bound like an offering. Arms and legs spread apart on a stone slab. I later realize this to be some sort of altar, but it was destroyed after the ritual, so I had no time to study it. Around me I see 15 dimmed out candles and I smell the burning of lavender and sage.
“Is this some kind of ritual?!!? Unbind me! Let me free!”
A robbed figure came up to me. “Calm down father. What we offer to you is a gift for what you have done and for what you face on our behalf.”
“Why must I be bound like some sacrifice?
“Because what we offer you, your body will reject even though your mind may be willing. You are much too powerful for us to test your connection to your body’s will to control it.”
She then utters a few words that initiates the ritual. All members in that room began chanting.

“The mouth of the Just shall meditate wisdom,
And His tongue shall declare judgment.
Blessed is he who endureth temptation,
For once and twice he hath been tested, he shall receive the crown of life.
Oh Kuriki, Lord of Darkness,
Oh Eagle , Watcher of the sky.
Oh how holy, how serene,
How generous, how pleasant this man who believeth.
Oh Pure Azureal. Protect us from all threats and let your will be heard”
Show us the will of, The Guardian of the Blue Flame”

It has been over a century since I’ve heard of these words and I have never once heard them. To have them spoken about me is an honor, although I wonder. Where on Earth did they receive such words. That was believed to be lost in time since the move to the sea. They were chanting those words so much that the walls began to shake and those words began to burrow in my mind.
Then a change in the drowning vocals, my child comes up to me.
“Father… I would like you to meditate into this and channel your energy to its core” she places on top of my stomach my black orb of nothingness and I began channeling my energy into it as instructed. I can’t turn down my own child when she looks sad, call it a weakness.
As my mana has depleted into this orb, my child removes the orb from my stomach and begins to channel a bit of mana into me as she is reciting the chant. Then one by one, each member of my tribe comes to me and channels some mana. At first it didn’t feel too bad, but then my mind began to lose connection with my body as I am now becoming connected to each remaining member of the Wolfgang tribe. I watch as my body begins to contort and I appear as if I am in pain. It’s like my body is rejecting the mana that is being poured within and I am looking at myself as the man on the altar is not me. We then drain my mana again with the orb and the process continues until every member of my tribe has had their mana depleted into my now not moving body.
It felt like a dream but what happened was true and I may be a bit sedated on foreign mana and drugs as I wrote this but it would appear that I have become a guardian to my people. I will cherish this gift for as long as my mortal body lives. The orb I now carry represents what I was and my body represents what I am.
I know I am a man of many titles but the title of Guardian supersedes all others.

Guardian Azureal Talonflame, of the Blue Flame

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