Player: Steven Sachleben
Character: Grunt
Race: Human
Class: Warrior

Bio: This is a tale of a man who had to survive discrimination, abandonment and near death, just for him to have a chance to find his place in the world. This tale begins with his birth. The man was born in to a noble family. But, unfortunately for the man he had been born dumb. Five years after his birth it became clear that he was never going to be able to speak. This brought shame to the family name. To deal with this shame, the head of the family ordered the man’s parents to have him killed. Because of the love the parents had for their first and only son they faked his death and had him taken away in secrecy.

The man lived locked away for 12 years and his only connection to the outside word was his caretaker Ramona and the few times a year his parents came to visit. But because of Ramona losing her son at birth then shortly after that losing her husband to a bandit raid, she sees the young master as her own son. Over the years Ramona taught him how to read, write and even how to do math. During his 17th year his parents came to visit and told him that the whole family was leaving to live in a different land, but, they are going to have to sneak on to the boat. They also told him while on the boat that he must stay hidden at all times. When the boat hit land Ramona over heard the young masters family planning to kill him. So she went to get him and ran as fast as they could from the Situation . Unfortunately when they were making there escape, his family found out and went after them. when Ramona and the man were trying to make there escape. Ramona took an arrow in the knee. Ramona then told the man to leave her behind. With hesitation he did as she said and left her to her fate.

After escaping from his family, the man got himself lost in the forest. Traveling alone for the first time in a new land . The nights were long and the trails lonely and dangerous . Scary noises night after night . Then the hunger set in. Not knowing how to fend for himself in the woods left him scared and hungry. Then it happened . The noises now had a face large and black. Then the pain, strong blow to the head leaving him unconscious. After the attack the man awoke with no memories of who he was and anything that had happened in his life before waking up . Looking around he found nothing but a small group of strange looking people staring at him and a older man trying to attend to his needs .The older man explains how he found him unconscious And wishes to heal him back to heath. He also tells him that his name is Ivar. With no memories of whom he was and feeling he owes Ivar for saving his life he decided to travel with him and do whatever he can to pay him back. After years of traveling, Iver trains the younger man he now calls Grunt, to be his bodyguard. Grunt finally found a place where he feels he belongs.

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