Name: Gerhard
Played by: Winter Edwardson
Gender: Male
Age: 78
Race: Syndar
Hair: Brownish
Eyes: Blue/grey
Occupation: Surgeon
Known Skills: Healer
Birthplace: Tielorrian
Appearance: Tall, skinny. Shoulders slouched.
Notable Traits: tattoo on left hand, three eyes in a fan shape.

UPDATE: Gerhard was caught involved in the undead scandal with Bos Mezar and Serai in the summer of 265. He was tried, convicted, and executed for his actions.

I was born a monster. My parents have looked at me with disgust since I was born. It was at the age of fifteen that that look of disgust turned to hatred. I was to be killed by my parents and they would be happy about it.

I was born with my parent’s ears but I had fangs that were deemed unwanted. My parents were ashamed of me and hid me away, saying I was very ill. At fifteen when the other members of my family would learn a magical art it was discovered that I was born with no connection to the mana stream. That was when my parent’s look of disgust turned to hatred. I think it was their fault that I was born this way. My family has been obsessed with keeping the line pure. I am the culmination of their “purity.”

At fifteen my parents only wanted me to fade out and die. My father had connections within the May’Kar dominion. He sent me to apprentice under a surgeon. The story he told the rest of the enclave was that I had taken a turn for the worst and was seeing a great doctor in the May’Kar dominion. My arrival was the first time I attempted to take my own life.

I was meant to train under a surgeon who had been hollowed. His name was Michael. I was never enlightened to the nature of his crime nor the reason he was hollowed, but it didn’t matter to me. It took me only five days to slit my wrists. I had no idea what I had done to my parents but I wanted that pain to stop. I had almost bled out when Michael had returned. He quickly stitched my wrists and gave me more blood from some vials.

Michael had stopped me from taking my own life. He also taught me about the abyss. How those of us who were forgotten by the world can go to the abyss and change to become something bigger. I listened to him after that. I learned his trade and helped him in healing the sick. We were hearing more and more about an undead army. Michael said they must be the forgotten souls comeback from the abyss. It was a bittersweet statement. I didn’t know this at the time, but it was only a couple months after I arrived that my parents proclaimed me dead to the enclave. I stayed with master Michael for nearly thirty years. Then the day came when my parents arranged for me to be sent to help the thirty-second regiment of the Vandregon army.

I arrived with the thirty-second regiment in year two-thirty. I stayed on the front lines there for nearly twenty years. I was able to see the horrors of war up close and to clearly see these abyss-born souls. I wanted to understand them. They were magnificent and devoured just as my master had described. I was also able to dissect our casualties of war and better see what makes them run. It was scary the feeling of comfort I gained from this morbid learning. As always, when happiness is found sorrow must follow. I received a letter from my “family” for the first time since I left home. It stated that I had been proclaimed dead to the enclave and permanently removed.

This letter was all I needed to leave this battle. I set the open letter on my bunk and left that night. I wandered from small town to small town in a drunken haze. I stopped when I reached Aldoria’s coast. I had no idea what to do with myself. When I ran out of money I decided for the second time in my life that I should die. I hung myself in a dark alleyway. I felt death’s sweet grasp until a cleric happened upon me and brought me back to life. I ran after that. I ran until I found a small dying town called Oarsmeet.

In Oarsmeet I realized the world did not want me to take my own life, so I found meager work, small medical tasks, to keep up enough money to stay in a drunken haze. I had no idea what was happening when the village was attacked. I was herded onto a ship that lead me to some new land. I did as little as I could without raising suspicion and maintained a simple drunken existence, until I saw the Ulven more and learned of their beliefs. And then there are these black monsters known as the Mordok. I want to see them from the inside. I want to cut them open and examine their insides. Getting to open these “presents” has revived some of the life that I had lost. This desire is enough to keep me moving until I am lucky enough to be sent to the abyss.

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