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Gandr Wodeen

Played by: Peter “PJ” Rudolph
Name: Gandr Wodeen
Gender: Male
Age: 327 Moons ~(26yrs)
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Brown if at all
Eyes: Blue with a speck of green
Occupation: Scribe
Known Skills: Reading, Writing, Being a smart ass,
Birthplace: Wodeen (Small town three miles off a trade route. Often used for a stop for supplies.)
Appearance: A fat guy in a brown robe.
Notable Traits: Fat and Friendly

Bio: Born the son of a powerful mage Alf Wodeen and the proficient healer and cleric Frea Wodeen. While growing up, the village that his father’s family had founded many years back was for the most part untouched by the undead in Faedrun. It was a small trade town with many travelers and many stories. At the age of twelve, a small band of undead and penitent found the village and attacked it. With expert leadership of both of Gandr’s parents, the town was saved with only three lives lost in the process. The village had many injuries, but Frea was able to mend all the wounds of those not outright killed and save them all. Unbeknownst to her, she had a small bite from one of the undead on her ankle. With much healing skill she went to work on herself, once she noticed the bite, but at that point it was already too late. Her magic and knowledge of the human body was not enough to save her, and she died. Now without a mother, Gandr’s father sent him to a monastery for protection and to learn, while he would try to cleanse the land of this undead plague. With an unholy vengeance, his father went off and did in fact make a name for himself in many of the conflicts he was a part of. At the monastery, Gandr was a young boy and for the most part an orphan, although that was not uncommon in this monastery. He spent all of his time trying to learn anything he could about healing so that he could save someone’s life if it ever came to that again. His mother’s death was not a peaceful one, and he would not wish it even on his own worst enemies. The monks of the monastery took a liking to Gandr and while the other children would be out playing or doing chores, they would take turns answering his questions, which were mostly about the human body, and how to heal it. After seven years, the monks allowed Gandr to join their order to help protect people. On his initiation day, Gandr’s father showed up before the ceremony and warned him that they needed to leave, and they needed to leave now. It was the only way he would have time to save his son’s life. When asked why, his father explained that a vast army of penitent and undead was on its way to destroy this monastery for the hope it was bringing to the region. After refusing to go with his father without at least trying to save the monastery, his father knocked Gandr unconscious and black bagged him. Three hours later, Gandr woke and was promptly informed by his father that while he left word with the monastery on what was happening, he didn’t believe that they would all be dead in the next few hours. Hatred and heated words flew between them about how Gandr was a man now and his father had no right to make decisions for him, with the retort that Gandr knew nothing of the real world and was no man yet, despite his age. Knowing that this fight was futile, Gandr suppressed it to be had at another time. On the travels away from the now fallen monastery, he and his father talked about anything that they could, so as not to bring up arguments. In this Alf taught Gandr everything he knew about magic. Now, on a practical sense, Gandr learned everything his father had to say. He even wrote it down in books to remember for later as a reference. He never developed the ability to store mana in himself from his father’s lessons, but that was more of a not having time to meditate and try. While traveling with his father, Gandr heard many rumors about his father, heroic exploits and such. After traveling with him for a few months, Gandr finally asked where they were going, and was answered with, “Anywhere to keep the last light of Frea safe.” With many miles, many towns, many talks, and many lessons in knowledge and the world, both Gandr and Alf were not able to find a spot that was not now infested with undead or penitent in one way or another. Like all seasons, all times must change. After three years with his father, and much running, there was finally an event they could not run from. Being caught in a town where there seemed no escape, so his father created a diversion to allow his son to escape. Gandr’s father told him the way to the next town, and that after escaping; if he could make it there he should be safe. On the way to the next own, more attacks happened and Gandr lost his way. Lost in the forest and trying to find the town his father sent him from. While on his travels one night, he was trying to make a fire and a man ran into him and his little camp, ruined the fire and yelled at him, “Run or Die!!!” We ran thru the night and when we finally reached the day and felt safe enough, we finally introduced ourselves properly. Guthrum was his name. He told Gandr about a port that was heading to a new promised land. Together they traveled and grew a friendship. They reached the docks of a town and used the money from Guthrum selling his armor to pay for a ride to the new land. Upon arriving they eventually met the brotherhood of the long winter. After some miss understandings with the jarl, Gandr promised three years of his life in service to pay for an insult. He has been in the brotherhood since that day.

Relationships: Scribe for the Brotherhood of the Long Winter, Good Friends with Guthrum
Rumors: People unsure of sexual preference. The Jarl keeps calling him gay in some shape or another. The idiot who corrected the Jarls pronunciation.

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