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Frode Longfang

PLAYED BY: Mark Flyte

CHARACTER NAME: Frode Longfang



CLASS: Warrior

AGE: 33

RACE: Ulven

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Green

**OCCUPATION:**Frode is a steadfast warrior who can always be found at the front of the line. However, when in the company of friends he has been known to cook; and crafts small trinkets when left alone.

KNOWN SKILLS: A hardened warrior, Frode has improved with his shield over the years, and has been known to pull an arrow out in the middle of battle. After a battle he can usually be found taking a brief respite to regain his strength before the next battle.

BIRTHPLACE: Born in Onsallas in the year 239.

APPEARANCE: Frode always has a smile on his face when conversing with people of any race. Though it slips away when he senses an aura he doesn’t trust.

NOTABLE TRAITS: There is a tattoo of a winged female warrior on his right arm that is always visible if the weather permits.

RELATIONSHIPS: During the Battle of Riverhead Frode assisted Ragnar Riverhead out of the village. Ironically, his only other relationship to note was with that of a Syndar named Aladrin Greywood and it too involved assisting with a village. However, this was to get ale to safety in their bellies, but did include a brawl.

RUMORS: They say that if you can get him to have a drink he won’t stop until there is no mead left.


Frode was born in the year 239 during an attack from the Mordok. His parents knew they couldn’t protect him and gave him to the Crèche and the Daughters of Gaia that same night. Whether they perished during the fight, or just left, Frode’s parents were never seen in Onsallas again. He spent the next years of his life in the pack Crèche until he could prove he was able to take care of himself.

Having no family to go home to, other than the Crèche and the Daughters of Gaia, he matured quickly, learning to become self-sufficient at a much younger age than most. He began training as soon as he could pick up a stick. Always the loner, he would watch the warriors as they spared and practice mimicking their attacks whilst fighting a tree. Once he was caught while watching a sparring match. He was picked up by his pants and carried to the Daughters of Gaia. Upon presenting the boy to them, the warrior was informed that he had no family and was now mature enough to be with the pack. Upon hearing this the warrior smiled and bid them farewell before leaving with Frode still in tow.

The warrior brought Frode all the way back to where he had found him. He threw Frode into the sparing area and then threw a sword to his feet. The warrior declared that his name was Valengar Longfang and he was going to teach Frode how to fight. Over the next 12 years the only thing Frode did was train with Valengar. When given the option to choose what path he would follow, there were none that were surprised when he chose to continue down the path of the warrior.

While those on the path with him seemed to grow colder as they started seeing the Mordok fight, he never seemed to change. Having never had an emotional attachment to this world, Frode never let the horrors of battle weigh on him. He noticed the change in those around him though. In the year 266, in the Battle of Riverhead, Frode watched as a warrior on the brink of collapse was able to tear through a group of Mordok with his ax. The warrior was charging towards a scream they had all heard. Without giving it a second thought he ran to join in the rescue. Arriving only moments later, Frode saw the look in the eyes of the warrior he would come to know as Ragnar Riverhead, as he stared at his little sister. He had never experienced the feelings he saw in Ragnar’s eye because he had never had anyone who he called family. After assisting in the evacuation, Frode decided that it was time for him to spend some time away from the front.

Upon returning to Onsallas he started to adventure to nearby villages more. He knew if he was ever going to find a family of his own that he needed to leave Onsallas for a time. In his travels he found himself in a tavern with a Syndar named Aladrin Greywood. Having never been one to hold his tongue and having never seen a feral Syndar, Frode went right up to Aladrin and inquired about his tusks. Aladrin immediately began regaling him with his life’s story which he enjoyed more and more with each drop of ale. When Aladrin had finished his story Frode thanked him and offered to lend a sword should he ever need it. As the two of them got up both about to say they had to leave, they bumped into a patron who also had too much to drink. After a brief brawl and a few broken stools the pair quickly made their way out the door and parted ways. Although their interaction was brief Frode knew that he was moving in the right direction. He had met someone with whom he felt he could call brother. He hoped that one day Aladrin would take him up on his offer.

Having never visited a tavern before the other night, Frode wondered if this was something that happened often. The following night he decided to go to a different tavern. While he did not find another person to whom he could converse with at the level of Aladrin, he did find Mead. As he consumed the golden nectar he began conversing with everyone in the tavern. Ale may have made the story better, but mead… mead made people better. Frode knew everyone’s name by the end of the night and forgot them by morning. He began to like people more in general after that. He continued to try to be that outgoing without mead but when the mead starts flowing so do the conversations.

Some years passed and he received a letter from an old friend, Aladrin. There was a boat going to an island out east and he could use an extra body. Interested to see what another night in his presence would be like, Frode began the journey immediately. After all, he’d never been to an island.

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