Played by: Matt Miller
Name: Fortinbras
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey

Known Skills: Leather working (Armor Repair), Dual Wield, Disarm Traps
Birthplace: Country Antrim, in the Kingdom of Aldoria

Fortinbras was born the 4th son of a minor Baronet in County Antrim. From a young age, he excelled at getting into trouble. At the age of 16, after a night of gambling and drinking at a local watering hole led to him insulting a knight, he decided it would be best to leave town for a while (to avoid the coming duel). As there are few opportunities for the youngest child of poor gentry, and he was dreadfully ill-suited to becoming a priest, he opted to join the army of Aldoria, and found that he was well suited to the life of a soldier, consisting as it did of long stretches of boredom (or gambling and drinking) punctuated by excitement of battle.
It was during his 3rd year in the army that Fortinbras met Aradael, who he quickly came to consider a commander worth working with, and eventually a good friend. When Aradael eventually left the service to settle down with his new wife, Amalthia, Fortinbras chose to remain in the army, not really having anywhere else to go. When the undead plague began spilling over Aldoria’s borders in earnest, Fortinbras’ unit was one of the ones that fought the ill-funded and under-manned delaying action. After watching the men in his unit slowly ground down by the attacks from the undead, and seeing that the collapse of the Aldorian army was now simply a matter of time, Fortinbras chose to abandon his post to warn his friend, fleeing with Aradael and his wife and daughter to Clearport, and then taking ship to Mardrun.
Blown of course by storms, the ship Gentleman Caller did not make its way to the ports of New Hope with the other refugees, but instead shipwrecked in an isolated area. There they founded the village of Crow’s Landing, and began to build a new life for themselves.
At first Fortinbras was worried that he would not be of much help in the new village, but he discovered that years of field repairs on armor had left him with a talent for repairing tack and gear, and other leatherworking. His skills as a soldier also came in useful when the folk of Crow’s Landing first met the Mordok. He worked with Aradael to establish the militia of Crow’s Landing, and, when it was determined that the village needed to seek out additional aid, left with him to find other settlements.

Relationships: Friend of Aradael, Amalthia, and Bite. Lives in Crow’s Landing, and is a founding member of it’s militia, the Crowsguard.

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