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Felix Klein

Player Name: Ty Springer
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Íoclaochra (Mercenary)
Known Skills: Archery, Ranged combat
Birthplace: Vandregon
Appearance: Wears a lot of dark colors and has a scar on his upper forehead.

When he was a small child, he was raised in Vandregon to a family displaced from Richtcrag. He was born to blacksmith named Adalgar who had begun to train his son in the trade when the undead began to invade. His family sent him away as soon as they heard of the undead pressing closer.

While sailing towards Mardrun, his ship was taken by pirates. Felix’s sarcasm and willingness to talk back to them ended up getting him struck by the captain’s sword in the head. He was then press-ganged into the crew and learned various forms of combat during his travels. Eventually, the captain retired and the crew split up, leading to Felix moving to Mardrun.

In Mardrun, he chose to adopt the identity of the Íoclaochra his father sold weapons to. While not the most honorable of the Íoclaochra, he still got commissioned for swamp excursions. While his last one failed, he made an ally with Heralt Von Khun-Wolff. They have since joined the Ravens.



Summer 270
Felix walked into Alestear’s tent. The two of them had been planning on going on the Dirge Swamp expedition and Felix wanted to confirm their plans. The one thing he didn’t expect was to find the baron sobbing in front of a letter.

“What’s all this about?” Felix asked, less out of concern and more out of shock.

“I can’t fight anymore.” Alestear said between sobs, “I can’t hurt anyone else.”

Felix clenched his fist and stared at the floor. “So what does that mean?” He asked through gritted teeth.

Alestear hands the letter to him with a shaky hand. “I can’t leave them behind and cause more pain.” Alestear pauses a moment and, despite Felix’s best attempts, looks him in the eye, “We could just walk away. Come with me. We can walk away from all this pain and suffering.”

Felix read the letter. His hands shook with each word and the growing realization that Alestear’s position was drastically different from his own. Each word cemented the two facts in Felix’s head; Alestear was cared for and he was not.

“What about this makes you think anyone would want me there?” feelings he didn’t realize he could have anymore boiled over. “They give a shit about you. You earned a retirement, you earned some peace. Me? I’m just a piece of shit who couldn’t help anyone, who doesn’t matter to anyone? What makes you think I wouldn’t be better off giving this life for someone who actually fucking matters?”

With every word his muscles tensed, this was a problem he couldn’t fight. All the pent up rage and grief had no outlet, so he fell to the floor. For the first time in a decade, Felix cried. 

“No one is worth dying for,” Felix hadn’t noticed Alestear get up, cross the room, and place a hand on his shoulder. “And I want you around. I know everyone would be crushed if we lost and I don’t want to lose anyone else precious to me. There is enough pain and loss in this world.”

Felix bit his lip and turned away from his boss, the only person he ever truly respected. “You can’t make me believe the others give a shit, but I believe you do.” For the first time in so long, Felix let himself keep crying, “I just want to be someone worth caring about.”

“It is the hardest thing to feel for yourself. But you are more than worth it.” Alestear’s eyes were pleading, “Please, let’s just go.”

Felix sighed and couldn’t help but smile a little. “Okay.”

Fall 270
Felix slumped the bag over his left shoulder. The weather was calm and warm as he stood on the pier of Key’s Crossing. He didn’t have much in the way of belongings. Most of what he’d owned had been weaponry, and he didn’t need that where he was going. 

The boat bobbed gently, its red and black flags waving in the wind. It took all his strength not to turn around and find the nearest bar, but he was tired of running away. Felix took a deep breath and walked up the ramp to the former Baron.

His doubts crept in as he walked. The friendly smiles of the Phoenix aboard were conniving grins. He felt hundreds of eyes staring. Felix tensed and held his trembling hand where his sword would usually be.

“I’m glad you came.” a familiar voice broke Felix’s paranoia. Alestear stood next to Saffiyah. She gave Felix an awkward but friendly smile which he returned with his own. Alestear looked happy for the first time since Felix knew him. 

“Yeah,” Felix said, “I am too.”

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