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Fedrick Ceridel

Played by: Allan Derge
Name: Fredrick Ceridel
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Character Website:
Occupation: Vandregon Soldier
Known Skills:
Birthplace: Human settlement in the old world
Appearance: Tall and big, with a sinical stature to him.
Notable Traits: Large stature.
I was born of a wealthy healer family in the faedrun colony, me and my twin brother Hector both strive for the path of a vandregon warrior. As a child all i could remember of my family was that my father was a Gambler, with a debt larg enough that he was hung from his skin as payment and an example. ever since then, i wanted to be a knight to enforce justice. Once me and my brother came of age we began our travels together to find the nearest vandergon outpost. once we left travels me and hector had a difference of opinion. From a young age i had a deep hatred for the penitent and their undead masters that have tainted our home, so when I came across a group of penitent lead by and undead, I demanded we attack them, hector refused for he believed in the justification of the penitent and thought to join them. this was a betrayal to our family. So I slaughtered Hector for his betrayal. Once he was dealt with i pursued the Penitent, I attempted to tracked them for days till i had lost the trail. but my journey had taken me to a ship port, were I saw men wearing vandergon colors and tabards boarding a ship, filled with joy on finding them i followed them aboard the ship. However once i was aboard, i was taken by surprise, the men i thought were vandergon were actually a group of bandits who were headed for the new world of
Mardrun, they took Me as a prisoner to be dealt with once they arrived in mardrun. Two days past and me and my captors had finally arrived in the new world, but it was not a time of celebration i still had the issue of gaining my freedom, which actually wasn’t that hard. the harbor for which we were docking was in the middle of a fight with some gruesome looking monsters the locals later refereed to as mordok. My captors were to busy dealing with them that i had enough time to break free and make my escape, but some of the bandits were not all focused on these beasts, so i still had to fight my way out. Luckily for me they fought like 3 year old children so i didn’t have to exert to much strength and energy on them, and i made it out pretty easily, once i was free i began hearing that a high ranking Vandregon Officer was here in the new world so i was now out to find him. I walked for what seemed like weeks of travel till i came a crossed the wayward inn, were i found the leader of the vandregon in the new world, along with being recruited to the vandregon faction i meet a very unusual Ulven by the name of Venator Oathkeeper i had been only around him for no more than a minute and i get this odd feeling around him. as if he may stab me at any moment, but William assured me that he sometimes has that effect on many people, and that he wouldn’t kill me, i hope he’s right. I can see a dark look in his wolf eyes that is characteristic of a person with very dark intentions, uncontrollable rage, and anger toward everyone,or maybe just one person?. But if I’m right i hope that he doesn’t try and attack us.

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